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Hide-And-Seek Jojo Bunny Toy Plays Hide and Seek but Cannot Find

By September 22, 2010

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Hide And Seek Jojo Bunny Toy - New Bunny Toy Plays Hide and Seek

Hide-And-Seek Jojo is a new toy from Silverlit Toys that plays a high-tech version of hide and seek with kids. Kids take along Jojo's plastic carrot when they hide and the rabbit uses infrared technology to find it. Jojo sings and counts out loud with his long rabbit ears down over his eyes, then he takes off across the floor to find the child.

I like that Jojo can navigate around obstacles easily. He rolled into a wall then backed up, rotated and set off in a different direction. He also has a volume control, which is always a plus. This is one toy that really requires a louder setting, so it's nice that you can turn it down if you're playing in a quiet place.

Unfortunately, Jojo has a couple of problems. I hid several times and he never found me. Once I hid around a corner and Jojo rolled right into the fireplace and sang out, "I found you!" Um...not quite, Jojo! Next I hid behind a chair and he never got within five feet. When I sat on the footstool in the middle of the room with Jojo's carrot he found me brilliantly. Too bad I wasn't hiding!

The instructions suggest hiding in the same room,  a mere 12 feet away from Jojo. They also say to avoid "complex paths" and thick carpeting. Essentially if you live in a small roller rink, you're golden. Otherwise, Jojo won't be pleased.

The Hide-And-Seek Jojo toy is a swing and a miss, unfortunately. Toys that don't work well for adults are often even more frustrating for kids.

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September 22, 2010 at 10:32 am
(1) SB says:

This toy sounds so cute! It’s too bad it’s so dumb. I think you should tape yourself testing it out. Now that would be entertaining to watch! :)

October 5, 2010 at 9:11 pm
(2) Danielle says:

Yeah I might actually pay to see a video of you hiding from JoJo.

October 9, 2010 at 10:53 pm
(3) Eleanor says:

ok I dont know if you hid with the carrot the first two times but thats the purpose of the carrot so he can find you, if you dont take it he wont find you. I just bought it for my kid and it worked really well. I think its adults who cant read directions that cant play well.

October 10, 2010 at 8:35 am
(4) Kristen - Toys Guide says:

Hello Eleanor,
As you can see from the post, I did read and follow the directions carefully, so I knew to take the carrot with me and hold it so it has a clear path to the toy… but that’s not really hiding, is it? Reading the instructions is always the first step for every toy review, from assembly to play to troubleshooting. In fact, in many of our toy reviews we comment on the instructions as well. I’m glad the toy worked well for you. Thanks for your comment. Kristen Ryan, Toys Guide

October 29, 2010 at 11:08 am
(5) Kerry says:

Can anyone please tell me how to record my childs name. It does not tell you in the instructions. Thankyou

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