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Infant Toys and Toddler Toys For Ages 12 - 24 months

Choose interactive and fun toys for infants and toddlers. Infant Toys and Toddler Toys should stimulate and entertain children from the ages 12 - 24 months or 1 - 2 years. Educational infant toys from famous manufacturers such as Leap Frog, Fisher Price and other infant toy makers are very popular. Infants and Toddlers love toys which make noise, which are colorful and interesting.

Best Toys for 1 Year Olds
Is your little celebrity turning one? These are some of the best toys for 1-year-olds including wagons, baby dolls, ride-on toys, blocks, and bath toys.

Wagons for Kids
The Radio Flyer Build-A-Wagon allows families to customize and build their own wagon with a canopy, seat cushion, nameplate and fabric.

Best Toys for Toddlers
Toddlers, or kids ages 12 months through 36 months of age (3 years), love to participate in role play as they pretend to be just like their parents. They are generally active and love outdoor play experiences with ride-on toys. They also love construction toys, that allow them to build and use their imagination. These are some of the best toys...

YBike Pewi Ride-On Toy
The YBike Pewi is one of my favorite toys for infants that can be bought when a child is learning to walk, but is a great toddler bike that provides a lot of fun and excitement as a ride-on toy with 2-3 year olds.

Leap Frog Peek-A-Shoe Review
Little babies and growing toddlers love to explore with their hands. Putting items in and out of containers seems to engage these developing minds over and over again. The Leap Frog Peek-A-Shoe is a great educational baby toy for kids ages 9-36 months as it promotes fine motor skills, as well as provides exposure to color and number concepts.

Gift Ideas for Toddlers!
From the ages of 1 to 3 years, toddlers are actively exploring the world, developing their language for speaking, and constructing with blocks. This list has some great holiday gift ideas for toddlers, whether you are celebrating Christmas or a birthday! Included are toddler toys for boys such as ride-on toys and trucks! Some toddler toys for...

Best Toddler Toys
Toddlers ages 12 months to 3 years are on the move, learning to communicate through words, and developing their ability to begin to develop some pretend play skills. This list in includes some of the best toddler toys!

Bright Starts Peek-A-Zoom Baby Toy - Airplane Baby Toy From Bright Starts
Bright Starts Peek-A-Zoom Baby Toy - Airplane Baby Toy From Bright Starts

Elmo's Tickle Hands
Learn to Dance the Tickle Hand Groove

FAQ: Buying the Right Toy For Your Toddler
How Do You Buy The Perfect Toy For Your Toddler from the ages of 1 to 3 years? Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Buying The Right Toy For Your Toddler.

The Best New Toddler Toys
Toddlers are always on the go! These great toddler toys teach colors and numbers, help develop eye-hand coordination and help toddlers move around. Our list of the best toddler toys includes the best toys for toddlers from 1 to 3 years old.

Share Your Toddler Toy Reviews
Which toddler toys do you recommend to other parents? Which ones do you advise them to "save their money" on? Write a review of the best and worst playthings in your child's toy box.See submissions

Kids' Bikes
Many children enjoy physical exercise, whether indoors or outdoors. There are a variety of different kids bikes available for children of all ages. Ride on toys are geared for the toddler age group, and allow children to ride the bike propelling it with their feet. Balance bikes are for older preschool aged children who are learning to shift...

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