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Best Stroller Toys From Tiny Love


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Best Stroller Toys - ActiviTot Stroller Trio from Tiny Love
Tiny Love Stroller Trio

Tiny Love Stroller Trio

Tiny Love
Stroller toys are a great invention indeed. Stroller toys entertain and keep baby busy during long walks or trips to the mall. These lovely stroller toys from Tiny Love are especially made for your baby to play with and learn with at the same time. These colorful toys fit right onto your stroller and can be just as easily detached!

This wonderful stroller trio of toys from Tiny Love consists of a trio of baby toys which fits neatly on to the stroller tray. The toys which make up the trio include a plush whale with a teether spout, a rattling and spinning buoy and an innovative bottle holder with attached plastic rattling toys. The colorful toys have lots of play options - shaking, turning, twisting and feeling. There's also a bottle holder to keep the baby's bottle or sippy cup safe. The toys can be interchanged with the other "twist and lock" type toys that come with the ActiviTot baby gym.

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