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Best Toys for Tweens

Fun for 8-12 Year Olds


It can be increasingly difficult to find toys and games for kids ages 8-12. Gift cards, hand held gaming devices, and games for both the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect are very popular with this age group, but here are some suggestions for some cool toys for kids in the pre-teen age.

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1. Fijit Friends


For little girls who love to sing and dance they will want to collect the whole Fijit Friends family! There are 4 different Fijit Friends that sing and dance. Add more to the bunch and they also interact with each other with their unique technology. Recommended for ages 6-9.

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2. Animal Planet Air Swimmers


These are helium filled air balloon toys that can be purchased as either a shark or clown fish that are remote controlled! 4 "AAA" batteries are included. However, the helium tank is sold separately. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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3. Paper Jamz Guitar


Are your children begging you for a real guitar or musical instruments? Paper Jamz includes several different thin and lightweight guitars that come pre-programmed with a few songs, an internal microphone and 4 modes for rocking it out! Your kids will be rockstars instantly!

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4. Squishable


These large, 15 inch squishable stuffed animals are polyester filled, very cute and whimsical. They are a great addition to bedroom decor or to squeeze, hold or prop up on when watching movies or television. There are 40 different animals to chose from.

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5. Redakai XReader Starter Pack


Do your kids enjoy trading card games like Pokemon and Bakugan? These 3Dmatik cards are stacked on top of each other on the XReader. Redakai is different than other card games, because upon stacking the cards, there are special special effects. This pack comes with 22 cards and the XReader acts as a storage case. There is a basic game as well as an advanced version, and this card game involves a lot of gaming strategy.

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6. Easy Bake Ultimate Oven


The new Easy Bake Ultimate Oven is great for tweens or kids ages 8 and up. The new and improved oven comes with all the materials to make 12 mini cookies and 12 mini red velvet cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles. Additional cookie, cake and cupcake sets can be purchased as accessories.

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7. Cahootie My Fab Future


This is a fresh new take on the age old fingertip fortune telling game. After placing the Cahootie on your fingers, ask a friend to pick a word from the outermost panel. Spell the word letter by letter, alternating moving your fingers in a vertical then horizontal fashion. Pick a word from the innermost panel, and spell it again. Then pick a flap to lift up and read a fortune, ask a trivia question or take a challenge. The kit contains 40 different re-usable stickers so kids can change and customize the game's outcome.

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8. Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

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For those of you with kids who love Angry Birds, Mattel has created the board game version! Who knew things would happen in reverse, starting in the digital world, then ending up with an actual game! In this game, to win collect enough points to build your structure faster than your friends can knock it down with an Angry Bird!

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9. Barbie Designable Hair Extensions


Real hair extensions are really a hit these days with fashionable young girls. Now, using the free internet website (www.barbie.com/designablehair) and an inkjet printer, girls can design, then print their own hair extensions for themselves and their Barbie dolls! The set includes a Barbie doll and sheets of printable hair extensions for Barbie and the child.

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10. Beyblade


Pick your favorite spinning top, and launch your it into the center of the arena to battle your opponent. The last top spinning wins! Kids will want to trade, collect and analyze their Beyblades to develop a winning strategy. 

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