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Crayola Color Wonder Travel Tube

Awesome Travel Toy for Toddlers & Preschoolers

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Crayola Color Wonder Travel Tube

Travel toys for toddlers and preschoolers can be hard to find. Not only do they need to be fun but they need to travel easily and have few pieces. The Crayola Color Wonder Tube is a fantastic item for young children to bring when traveling on vacations or even just being entertained in restaurants or during sibling activities.

What is Color Wonder?

Color Wonder by Crayola is a very innovative concept. Crayola has been producing children's markers, crayons, and arts and crafts products for decades. Several years ago, they designed the Color Wonder concept for young children, mainly toddlers and preschool aged children (2-5).

These are specially designed mess-free markers and paints. Color Wonder Markers are only able to color on special Color Wonder paper. That means, when you take a red Color Wonder marker and color on the special paper, the areas you color will appear red. However, if you take the red Color Wonder marker and try to color clothing, fabric, the walls or table, nothing happens. This is why this is such a great travel toy for toddlers. Parents can freely expose their children to markers without the worry of ruining or destroying furniture, clothing or their walls.

Aside from the markers, when children color on this special paper, there are also different designs that are hidden and are only magically revealed during the coloring process. Crayola has partnered with a variety of popular licenses and includes characters such as Disney Princesses, Cars 2, and Chuggington. Products are sold as spiral bound books or pads, include special metallic papers, stow and go cases, sound studios, floor puzzles, lap desks and stencils.

Color Wonder Tiny Travel Tube

The Color Wonder Tiny Travel Tube is 1 product in a series of Color Wonder products. Pop open the top of the tube and inside 4 primary colored Color Wonder markers (red, blue, yellow, green) are stored. The Color Wonder Paper is then rolled out through 2 openings. 18 coloring pages with sea creature themes are included in the tube. Each picture is separated by perforated lines. I would suggest helping your child, my toddler has tried to rip them off himself and often ripped the pictures in half in the process. The backs of the small pictures have a small amount of adhesive, so they can be easily affixed to airplane/bus/train trays or tables in restaurants. The design of the tube also allows it to remain upright in a cup holder, so the travel tube is easily stored in the car and available for road trips or to entertain siblings during after-school activities. This item is also an inexpensive, cheap toy, making it perfect as a purchase for birthday gifts.

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