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Exciting New Marvel Toys from Hasbro

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Bonkazonks Face Case - spider-Man

Bonkazonks is a fun new strategy game where players flick, spin, stack and attack these popular Avengers toys. Aside from the physical game, kids receive activation codes to also take their Bonkazonks play online. Additional accessories can be purchased such as mini-trampolines which will add to the variety of ways kids can play with these fun collectible toys.

What are Bonkazonks?

Bonkazonks are small top like figures that are flat on one side and rounded on the other. Some Bonkazonks could be a child's favorite Marvel's Avenger character like Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Wolverine or Captain America. There are also hundreds of other collectible figures. Each Bonkazonk is labelled and children can utilize the included pamphlet to begin marking which ones they own, and others they might want to own. Boys will not only enjoy the game play involved but with some blind packages at a price point of only a few dollars, they are very affordable. Kids will love collecting them, trading them, aside from engaging with them in competitive play.

Children can purchase fun Face cases, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man or Captain America. Inside each face case are 4 Bonkazonks, a storage/display tray, a stunt card that teaches a new skill, a circular game board and an online code to learn new tricks and play online. The Face Case has a plastic lid that locks into place with a simple twist which encourages children to have a place to store their Bonkazonks and a way to easily transport them to friend's houses.

How to Play with Bonkazonks

bonkazonks spider-man stracrobatic stunt set hasbro©Hasbro

Though Bonkazonks could be different colors, they all have the same general shape where they are weighted and rounded on one end, while flat on the other. The flat side allows the Bonkazonk to stand in place. The rounded end allows the Bonkazonk to spin around and right itself. Bonkazonks are considered a "free-form stunt-battling game."

The game play itself sort of reminds me of those paper football games kids used to make where they would fold paper into a triangle, then attempt to flick it through 2 uprights. Using various motions of flicking, spinning, and stacking, players attempt to complete any number of stunts, depending on the obstacles they have created. For example, they might try to flick 1 Bonkazonk and try and knock over another that is placed on the top of the target on top of the closed face case.

The instructions in the case had different ways to play, additional sets that include mini-trampolines can be purchased for additional stunts. Blocks and pieces of cardboard can be included to create unique stacking designs. The game can also be played online and I found it helpful to design various obstacles.

As a parent, the best part of this game is that the toys are easily stored and transported in their containers. Though kids will enjoy playing these games with their friends, they will also enjoy playing it by themselves, developing challenges and perfecting their skill.

marvel bonkazonks headquarters iron man©Hasbro
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