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MegaBloks Barbie Build 'N Style Luxury Mansion Review

A New Construction Toy for Girls Ages 4 and Up

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MegaBloks barbie luxury dream house

There's a new Barbie toy this year, the MegaBloks Barbie Build 'N Style Luxury Mansion. This set includes 301 pieces and is recommended for girls ages 4 and up. The Barbie dollhouse includes 8 different interchangeable rooms. The Barbie doll is an iconic fashion doll that has been engaging girls in both role play and imaginative play for the last 50 years. Now girls can take their familiar play with Barbie into the construction phase, and follow the directions to actually build Barbie’s luxury mansion on their own, while accessorizing and decorating it along the way.


-Recommended for ages 4 and up

-Over 300 pieces that create Barbie’s Luxury Mansion with 8 rooms

-Real working elevator that is easily pushed up/down

-2 Barbie figures include Fab Girl Barbie and Teresa with shareable outfits

-Sticker decals to accessorize the rooms and mansion

-Dozens of additional accessorizes to glam up the Barbie mansion include a flat screen tv, mirrors, light fixtures, kitchen appliances, and clothing accessories

-Rooms are built separately, allowing them to be placed anywhere within the mansion

-Entire line of new products of varying price points include a Pool, Beach House, Fashion Boutique, Ice Cream Stand, Fashion Stand, Pet Shop, Convertible Car and several mini-figure accessory packs

-Given the small parts, please keep this toy away from children under the age of 3

My Review

After opening the box, you’ll find several bags of small pieces and 1 large booklet that includes the assembly instructions. The directions encourage each small room to be assembled first, followed by the large dream house. I don’t have a daughter, but my son was watching me assemble this and couldn’t wait to start playing with the house. He immediately began moving the elevator up and down, so we actually skipped the small room assembly and immediately assembled the house. I’m not a decal kind of gal, so with skipping the stickers I was able to have the house assembled easily within 15 minutes. Definitely assemble it on a hard, flat surface like a table. There are only 2 small blocks that attach the rooms together at the bottom of the house, so when placed on the carpet the pieces kept coming detached, which was a source of frustration for him. You will need to sift through a lot of small pieces in various bags when assembling the rooms. I suggest placing the extra pieces in a larger box lid or container with sides, so when searching around for matching pieces, they don’t fall unexpectedly off the table and get lost.

The overall design of the house is unique in that there are several floors that are stacked on top of each other. Inside each floor, the living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. slide in like a tray and attach to the floor. This allows the floors to be stacked in different arrangements, and also allows kids to accessorize and design and change the floorplan for their house. So for girls who like to build and accessorize the combinations are endless.

In general I found the instructions easy to follow. Definitely hold on to the instruction booklet as it offers a lot of variations of building the house, which you will definitely need later on if your child wants to customize the look of the outside of the house. You may also want to hold onto the box for storage for now. All of the pieces easily fit back inside the box. Otherwise, Neat-Oh! has some creative Barbie themed storage boxes.

The design of this mansion has a little something for everyone. For girls who like to build, they can construct the rooms or house with the various pieces. For other kids who aren’t as strong with their perceptual abilities to identify the small details required to follow the step-by-step instruction, with guidance they may enjoy the job of attaching the sticker decals. With expandable accessories like the pool, ice cream cart, pet shop and beach house, girls who are Barbie enthusiasts will have a whole new way of experiencing and interacting with these fun new Barbie toys making this one of the best girl toys.

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