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Gift Ideas for Toddlers!

Great suggestions for birthdays or holidays!


From the ages of 1 to 3 years, the best toddler toys encourage kids to actively explore the world, develop their language for speaking, begin to use their hands to construct with blocks, and promote pretend play. This list has some great holiday gift ideas for toddlers, when celebrating Christmas or a birthday. Included are toddler toys for boys such as ride-on toys and some great beginner trucks. For girls there is an adorable baby doll and a pretend play kitchen. The list includes some exciting educational toys that will stimulate a toddler's language and foster enjoyment with books

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1. Playskool Let's Rock! Elmo


This newest version of Elmo encourages toddlers to interact, sing and dance along with their favorite Sesame Street character. Elmo comes with a microphone, drums and tambourine, but instruments such as a guitar, keyboard and extra microphone can be purchased as accessories. Not only does Elmo sing some current songs adults will love, he is able to recognize the instruments placed in his hand, and politely engages with your child by asking them to follow directions!

2. Fisher-Price Rock Star Mickey


This musical rockstar Mickey Mouse sings 3 different songs and shows off his spectacular dance moves while in "How to Be a Rock Star" mode. 

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3. Little Tikes Shopping Cart

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Not only will toddlers love filling this shopping cart up with food and their toys, it's sturdy and durable for those children who are learning to walk with more control. This is a great addition to purchase along with the Step 2 Cozy Kitchen!
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4. Step 2 Cozy Kitchen

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If you are looking for a gift that will grow as the child matures, kitchen sets are great pretend play toys for both boys and girls. This particular space saving set has lots of drawers to open and comes with kitchen essentials to get them started such as some food, pots and pans. Different sound effects will occur when the small buttons are pushed so children can pretend to brew their own coffee and cook on the stove.

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5. Playskool Count 'N Crunch Cookie Monster


Toddlers love putting toys in and out of containers. Cookie Monster will open and close his mouth while the child places different cookies inside his mouth. Cookie will “eat them” and they magically appear in his backpack.

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6. Leap Frog Tag Jr.

©Leap Frog

This interactive hand-held device brings board books for toddlers to life. Up to 5 different books can be stored on one device. A variety of books are available with familiar characters like Disney Princesses and Sesame Street. It does require a USB and internet connection to download the books onto the device, but it will engage children with sound effects, songs, and questions.

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7. Playskool Bounce n' Ride


Not only can children propel this ride-on toy forward with their feet, the ball underneath the seat also lets children bounce up and down while they ride.

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8. Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talker Animal Sounds Zoo


Little People sets are great for interactive pretend play for small children and little hands. This set actually recognizes the animals when they are placed in different locations within the zoo! Children can place their animals down a slide, in a cave or let them go for a ride on a swing! There are places for the animals to be stored on the back.

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9. Corolle Suce Pouce Baby Doll


This adorable, soft bodied baby doll is part of the Les Classiques selection. The baby is able to sit up by itself, as well as suck on it's thumb or a pacifier. A great first baby doll for toddlers. There are multiple clothing accessories and dolls to chose from in this collection.

10. LEGO Duplo Lightning McQueen

©PriceGrabber / LEGO

Have a child who loves cars or has older siblings that are big Disney Pixar Cars toy fans where regular LEGO’s pose a choking hazard? This small set will encourage children to begin to construct with LEGO’s in a size and set perfect for their developmental level.


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