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Duo Plink by Discovery Bay Games

Fun Tablet Toy for Kids & Families

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Duo Plink iPad game
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Technology toys are popular amongst children and families. Discovery Bay Games has worked to pioneer the iPad app educational gaming frontier by developing a series of cool cool iPad accessories . These tablet toys work in conjunction with apps that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. One of their unique devices is Duo Plink.


How it Works


Duo Plink is a round device that sits on top of the iPad. Included are 6 different colored token choices that players will use to record their answers. With each game, players or teams are given up to 7 different beads of the same color. Depending on which game they play, players will be prompted to answer various types of questions. On the app, there will be 2 choices available for answers with either a green or purple border around them. To answer, players will place their colored bead on the top of the Duo Plink in either the corresponding green or purple spot. Once all players answer, the “reveal answer” button is tapped on the iPad and the top of the Duo Plink will rotate so that the tokens of those who chose the correct answer will drop into the chamber. Those who answer incorrectly remove their token. The player who runs out of their tokens first taps the icon that indicates they have placed all their tokens and they are the winner. If multiple players place all their beads at the same time, there can be multiple winners. The device itself has an auto-shut off feature after several minutes of inactivity.

Includes 3 Free Apps

The 3 games that can be downloaded for free from the App store are called, What on Earth, Memory Mix-Up and Yoomi. With most games, at least 2 players are needed to enhance the game experience.

In Yoomi, 1 player will answer the question, the other player will attempt to guess the other players answer. The questions are about personal preferences. For example, the app may encourage the child to decide whether they would prefer to “ride a camel in Egypt or ride an elephant in India.” One player places their hand inside the Duo Plink and chooses their preference by tapping the corresponding colored square. The other player records their guess by placing their bead on either the purple or green space. When the reveal answer is tapped, the answer is recorded and for those that guess correctly, their token will drop into the container.

Memory Mix-Up features Highlights hidden pictures and is a memory skill game. Players look at a silly picture for 15 seconds. Then a question will appear regarding something that was in the picture. Children chose their corresponding answer by placing their bead on the top of the Duo Plink. For those who answer the question correctly, their beads will drop into the chamber. Those that answer incorrectly will take their bead back and try again. 50 challenges are included in the free app. Additional challenges can be purchased through the iTunes store. Children will need to read to follow the directions, so parents stand by for those who are learning this skill, many children may be able to play the actual game, but may need some help where to place their answers if they can't read.

What on Earth asks trivia questions related to landmarks and science topics all over the world. This is a great family game to play because in all honesty, as an adult you may have an educated guess, but may not always know the correct answer. Plus, educationally, it provides some unique information about the world we live in.

Added Thoughts

All of the tokens nicely store inside the container when not in use. They are plastic and I did inadvertently suck one up in the vacuum cleaner which did get chipped. We did have a problem that required a little of troubleshooting with the Duo Plink at first. So much so that I actually contacted the company to let them know for some reason my device must have been defective. They sent a new one out for review and we had the same issue. My husband decided to take charge of the problem and after some time realized that the brightness level on the iPad must be set very high in order for the device to read properly. Don't let the option of only 6 colors of tokens deter you from also encouraging group communication by placing kids on teams, where they have to collaboratively decide upon an answer before placing their token. I really like that the apps allow children to have a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong. In general after the purchase of the device, the option of 3 free apps, with 50+ activities on each gives buyers a lot of content for just the price of the device.

Additional Duo devices available for purchase include Duo Pop (Compare Prices) and Atari Arcade (Compare Prices). Here is a link to the Discovery Bay Games apps in the iTunes store.

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