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Best Toys for Teenagers

Kids ages 13+


What do you buy for those teenagers in your life, other than a gift card, camera, cell phone, television, iPad, iPhone, iPod or a gaming device like a Nintendo Wii or an Xbox Kinect? This could be the most difficult age group to buy for, but there are some great interactive games, sporting activities and toys for teens that will be sure to bring some fun and excitement to the entire family.

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1. Air Hogs Hawk Eye

©Spinmaster / Pricegrabber

This remote controlled helicopter with a built in camera, will take video footage while the helicopter flies! It includes a USB cord and the footage can be downloaded directly to the computer.

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2. Sounds Like A Plan


This party game allows one person to be a judge and pick a "To-Do List" that includes 3 different ideas, one suggestion being climbing Mount Everest. The players then hold advice cards. With the roll of a dice players will be encouraged to give the judge the worst advice, best advice, or advice a grandmother, child, or psychic would provide. The judge rates the advice, and the person who provides the best answer gets the most points.

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3. Bananagrams


Similar to the game Scrabble, players use letter tiles to create words in a crossword style fashion. The only catch is that there isn't any waiting for your turn in this is exciting free-for-all game! This is a great portable game for travel.

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4. Cuponk


This cup can be placed on any flat surface. Pick a card and use a ping pong ball to follow one of the 30 suggested action cards to bounce your ball into the cup and when the ball falls inside it will light up. The sky is the limit on the creativity this game will bring to teenagers and adults.

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5. Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV 10


Using this motorized Nerf dart blaster can be a lot of fun for kids and adults to relieve some extra energy, get some great exercise, and have a lot of exciting fun any season of the year. This particular blaster holds 10 Whistler darts and additional accessories can be purchased.


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6. Hall Stars Indoor 2 in 1 Hockey and Baseball

©Junk Ball

This set comes with a battery operated foam ball launcher where players can either use a hockey stick or a baseball bat to perfect their swing! I have visions of this toy in the basement or college dorm room of every sports player.

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