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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Enter the world of Bakugan!


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

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The battle age has arrived. The latest warriors in the new age combat scene are the Bakugan Brawlers. Combining the strategic battle method of Yu-Gi-Oh and the thrilling action of Beyblade, the Bakugan Brawlers are raring to deploy their skills in battle.

With the infinity core and the silent core interfering with one another and causing pandemonium, it’s up to the young heroes and their Bakugen to save Earth and the card’s world of Vestroia.

Now kids everywhere can step into Dan and his friend’s shoes to enjoy an exciting adrenaline filled adventure with their guardian Bakugen. The Bakugan toys are small colored spheres that POP into powerful Bakugan warrior action figures when rolled onto Bakugan gamecards. Kids battle using points, special abilities, the strategic selection of Bakugan, and even a shooting trick or two - it's almost like a modern-age marble.

The Bakugan are unique creatures with fierce abilities which correspond with their respective attribute worlds. It's kind of complicated actually. The Bakugen of the Pyrus attribute have powerful attacks, the Aquos attribute Bakugen have medium attack and defense, the Subterra attributes have strong defense, the Darkus have powerful attacks against the Haos while Haos have powerful attacks against Darkus and the Ventus attributes have super speed.

Keeping all this in mind, kids will have to plan their strategy carefully while deploying their Bakugens in battle against their opponents.

Each Bakugan guardian is loyal to its master and protects its master at all cost. There are currently more than 72 different Bakugan Battle Brawlers to collect and trade like the Centipoid, Falconeer, Hydranoid, Dragonoid, Tigrerra, Gorem and so on. New waves of additional warriors are being released every two months, in addition to special limited edition Bakugan that will be secretly shipped to stores across the country.

The Bakugan Battle Brawlers line includes booster packs which retail at $4.99, the starter pack at $11.99 and battle packs at $19.99 featuring more than 100 Bakugan warriors, as well as official battle arenas which retail at $29.99, wrist launchers costing $14.99 and 2” action figures, which retail at $2.99, featuring iconic poses of kids’ favorite Bakugan characters. With their guardian Bakugans by their sides, kids over the ages of 6 will have an adventure of a lifetime.

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