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Top 10 Superman Returns Toys


Superman is one of the hot licensed characters of 2006. The blockbuster movie Superman Returns has spawned off lots of exciting Superman toys, Superman action figures, Superman games and more throughout the toy industry. Superman Returns toys include laptops, Superman learning cartridges, Superman Returns costumes, Superman themed arts and craft activity toys and more. Here is a look at the best Superman Returns toys. Click the link for an image gallery of the hottest Superman Returns Toys!

1. Superman Kids Learning Laptop Computer from Oregon Scientific

The new Superman laptop from Oregon Scientific promises to be even more interesting than their previous laptops based on other superheroes. The lid on the Superman Laptop snaps open like magic when you wave a hand over it, to play the famous Superman theme. Colorful, in blue and red, the stylish Superman Returns laptop is shaped like the Superman logo. Definitely something to look forward to!

2. Superman Returns Shield Blaster Water Gun

The Superman Returns Shield Blaster is a cool looking water gun complete with the Superman symbol. The Superman symbol doubles as a shield to protect you from your opponent's water streams. Simply crank the handle, and you're ready to blast out a powerful stream of water to throw your opponent off guard.

3. Superman Returns R/C Flying Superman

Superman Returns Toys and action figures are extremely popular nowadays. The R/C Flying Superman comes complete with an easy to use remote control. Superman fans will enjoy flying their favorite superhero around the room!

4. Superman Returns Movie Truck Lifting Action Figure Superman

Superman can lift a Daily Planet truck clear over his head with this exciting playset. Hand-grips on the side of the truck allow the Superman figure to get a handle. When kids push the figure's right leg forward, Superman actually lifts the truck up and over his head! Truck includes rolling wheels, exploding front end and other play features. Figures measures approximately 10 tall.

5. Superman Returns Movie Fight n' Fly Cape

This Superman Returns cape is equipped with motion activated sound effects that follow your child's movements. The cape is made of vinyl, and there is a S shaped shield which makes up the Superman logo on the front of the outfit. Team this up with the Punch N Crush gloves and other accessories, and you've got a fantastic Superman experience coming your way!
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6. Superman Returns Inflato-Suit from Mattel

The Superman Returns Inflato Suit is battery operated and will turn your kids into the muscular Superman! The fan inside the suit inflates it up to provide a complete Superman muscled look!

7. Superman Returns Punch 'n Crush Gloves

The Superman Punch Crush Gloves are one of the hot toys from the Superman Returns series of toys. The young ones will love these gloves equipped with special palm sensors and noise making chips. Now you can bend an "unbreakable" bar of steel, complete with metal bending noises and more with these Superman Punch and Crush gloves.

8. Ultimate Powers Superman

The movie Superman Returns has spawned off a huge range of Superman Returns toys and Superman Returns action figures. These cool 12" Superman action figures are based on the movie Superman Returns. Kids will love playing with this Ultimate Powers Superman Returns toy figure, which is poseable.

9. Superman Returns Movie Dress Up Set

With a cape, iconic S shield and steel chain, this Superman costume is sure to be a hit this Halloween. Get yours today before they all run out!
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10. Superman Returns Movie Board Game

Good for 2-5 players, this Superman Board Game has character cards and an exciting and different game board. Plunge in and grab your share of the excitement with these Superman toys and games.

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