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Review of Baby Einstein Language Nursery DVD

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Baby Einstein Language Nursery

Baby Einstein Language Nursery

The Bottom Line

The most intriguing question associated with Baby Einstein Language Nursery is – does the concept of introducing foreign languages to your baby really work? Research has shown that exposure to different languages may not make you a linguist overnight, but does make picking up those languages at a later date easier.

While the Baby Einstein DVD, Language Nursery is built upon an interesting concept, unfortunately, it's poorly executed. Too many languages, unrelated pictures and words, and a lot of confusion makes this DVD avoidable.


  • The Baby Einstein DVD introduces lots of different languages to baby
  • This DVD holds the attention of most babies
  • Babies like watching colorful images of toys and other kids on the DVD


  • The DVD has unrelated images and speech at many places
  • There are too many languages which makes it very confusing
  • This Baby Einstein DVD is not as good as others in the series
  • The DVD is too slow paced


  • The Baby Einstein Language Nursery DVD introduces languages like French, German, Hebrew, Russian, English, and more to your baby
  • Colors, toys, kids and music are a part of this Baby Einstein DVD
  • There is not much relation between the spoken words and content shown
  • This Baby Einstein DVD can be confusing, and make little sense at times
  • Actual length of DVD is not as long as other baby DVD's.

Overall Review Of Baby Einstein Language Nursery DVD

The Baby Einstein DVD - Language Nursery introduces a host of different languages. There are passages in one language, and then focus shifts to another language, and so on. In the meantime, colorful background images with toys, other kids, and various objects for the purpose of holding baby's attention are shown.

The basic concept of helping a baby's mind be receptive to different languages is a good one, no doubt. But introducing too many languages at one time for a short while each may defeat the entire purpose.

The Baby Einstein Language Nursery DVD aims to develop baby's brain so that baby can pick up different languages at a later date. However, it is very hard to understand how short snippets of various languages can affect the brain development of the baby in the long run. If the baby is constantly exposed to a second or third language, then, yes, the baby will eventually find it easier to speak those languages. But using this Baby Einstein DVD, with little relation between the images and the spoken word, and that too for such a short time, the jury is out on how much that can have an impact.

Many parents like this DVD because it holds the attention of the baby. Colorful images, sounds and other kids are a basic staple of most baby DVD's, which work to hold baby's attention. I would recommend Brainy Babies Laugh And Learn DVD instead for much more educational viewing content for your child.

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