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Top 6 Children's DVDs


It is important to choose the right viewing content for your child. These hand picked children's DVDs from Scholastic Video Collection are sure to entertain and educate your children for years to come. Scholastic is well known for its exceptional children's DVDs and videos. These children's DVDs are all adaptations from Scholastic's children's award winning picture books. So go ahead and pick out your favorite children's DVD from this top ten list of Bestselling Chidren's DVDs.

1. Swimmy .. and more classic Leo Lionni Stories

This classic collection of tales is based on the stories of Leo Lionni. Swimmy the fish is featured in a inspiring tale of bravery and wit. The other stories are also animal and fish based and feature mice, crocodiles, frogs and fish. All in all, this children's DVD is a must have for your kids.

2. The Emperor's New Clothes

This trio of Hans Christen Andersen fairy tales is sure to charm. This children's DVD includes three classic stories, namely The Emperor's New Clothes, The Ugly Duckling and The Swineherd. The stories are narrated very gently, and are in sharp contrast to the noisy and rapidly moving television series of today.
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3. Bark George Bark .. and more doggie tails

One of my personal favorites, Bark George Bark is a delightful collection of dog tales. If your child loves dogs, or has one, this children's DVD is an ideal pick. The stories in this children's DVD enchant and entertain.

4. Sylvester And The Magic Pebble

This fine collection of magical tales makes this children's DVD a treat to watch. Stories based on Sylvester and other lions, ogres and witches are refreshingly different.
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5. Bear Snores On

This wonderful children's DVD is based on the changing seasons - winter, spring, summer and fall. The delightful tales about bears, butterflies and rain are a treat to watch. This adaptation of the children's storybook is equally fun to watch on a DVD.
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6. Danny The Dinosaur

Danny The Dinosaur is a collection of tales based on monsters - well friendly ones of course! Funny, touching and entertaining, this children's DVD based on the Scholastic book is a must add to your Scholastic video collection.

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