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Barbie Girls - MP3 players, Virtual Divas and Great Playthings!

Barbie goes virtual with BarbieGirls.com


We've heard of virtual pets. Now it's the turn of virtual dolls! Barbie is all set to become the next internet revolution with the new Barbie Girls. And Barbie has joined the rank of toys with virtual identities with the launch of the website BarbieGirls.com.

What are Barbie Girls, exactly? Well, it's hard to classify the Barbie Girls in one word! Basically, Barbie Girls are MP3 players with approximately 512 MB of memory. They can be dressed up and customized via the different accessories available. That's just the beginning, though. If you connect your Barbie Girl to your computer via the USB port, you can upload and download MP3's.

When you access the online BarbieGirls.com website, you can create a virtual character of your Barbie Girl online using mix and match faces, hairstyles, clothes and accessories. Once you're on the website, you can do all sorts of cool things like shopping, watch a movie or hang out with friends. You can chat with other girls registered on the site. You can even earn B Bucks which is virtual money, and spend it on cool stuff within the site. Another cool feature is the ability to design and personalize each Barbie Girl's "room" with lots of options like wall colors, floors, backgrounds and more.

One smart thing which Mattel has thought of is the security angle. The website is moderated for bad language - there's a limited word vocabulary that can be used in the chat rooms. There are also word filters in place which limit the flow of personal information including names, phone numbers and physical locations. You can only exchange this information with your "best friends".

What are "best friends"? Best Friends are the other Barbie Girls who have been physically connected to each other's docking stations. This ensures that the girls actually know each other personally, and not only virtually.

It looks like Barbie is all set to take the virtual world by storm. BarbieGirls.com offers youngsters a pretty complete virtual experience.

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