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Top 9 Hot Buys from The Barbie Diaries


The Barbie Diaries is a very exciting DVD release from Mattel. Featuring Barbie and her friends, the Barbie Diaries is based on a story of how Barbie gets courage and luck through her secret diary, the Barbie Diary, and how she is encouraged to go on ahead and become a winner all the way despite the ups and downs!

Lots of great products have been released based on the Barbie Diaries. There are Barbie dolls based on the various characters, jewellery boxes, charm bracelets, playsets and much more.

1. The Barbie™ Diaries Doll Assortment

The Barbie™ Diaries movie would not be complete without a great supporting cast of characters. Best friends Courtney™ and Tia™ are always there to join Barbie® in her teen adventures. While Raquelle™ seemingly "lives" to steal the limelight from Barbie®. Each doll looks fantastic wearing an outfit from a key scene in the movie and also includes a unique charm gift for the girl.

2. The Barbie™ Diaries Fashions Assortment

Being fashionable is an essential part of teen life and Barbie® and her best friends are no exception to the rule. These fashions packs include ultra-hip outfits that Barbie®, Courtney™ and Tia™ actually wear in The Barbie™ Diaries movie.

3. The Barbie™ Diaries Pillow & Playset Assortment

These innovative pillows transform to reveal two different environments based on the movie. The round pink Bedroom Pillow Playset turns into Barbie® doll's bedroom and includes a "canopy bed" and everything Barbie® needs for a slumber party with Courtney™ and Tia™. The square purple Dance Pillow Playset turns into the high school gym decorated for the Fall Formal. There's even a backstage dressing area with stage costumes where Charmz can get ready for their rockin' performance.

4. The Barbie™ Diaries Charm Bracelets & Jewelry Box

This adorable butterfly jewelry box comes with gold-toned and silver-toned bracelets as well as eight charms that girls can customize, just like Barbie®.

5. The Barbie™ Diaries Electronic Diary & Charm Bracelet Assortment

Now girls can write down their secrets with the Electronic Diary and Charm Bracelet. Each diary has cool electronic features, secret compartments and a deluxe girl-sized charm bracelet that activates the diary. When girls wave the charm over the diary it plays up to three different tunes from the movie (which girls can select) unlocking and activating the diary. The Electronic Diary comes in pink Butterfly or purple Animal Print styling and includes stickers, stencils and a glitter pencil.

6. The Barbie™ Diaries Secret Fortune Teller

Girls love fantasizing about their future just like Barbie® does in The Barbie™ Diaries movie. The innovative Secret Fortune Teller featured in the movie, takes this classic paper game to a new level, adding special electronic features with prerecorded fortunes and a recording microphone that allows girls to customize and play back their own fortunes. There is also a sticker sheet so girls can decorate their Secret Fortune Teller.

7. The Barbie™ Diaries Secret Message Charms & Purse

Barbie® and her friends love sharing secret notes with each other in order to keep up with the latest dish. The Secret Message Charms & Purse combines fashion and note passing, allowing girls to record their voice messages in their "charms" and pass to their girlfriends. When not in use, the "charms" can attach to the purse. The satin purse has a butterfly design inspired by one Barbie® has in the movie and comes with two Secret Message Charms (one shaped as a heart and one as a butterfly).

8. The Barbie™ Diaries Movie DVD & VHS

The Barbie™ Diaries will be the first title in the Barbie Entertainment franchise to launch on Universal Media Disc (UMD), compatible with the Portable Sony Playstation (PSP) in Spring 2006. The movie features an all-new, distinctive, toon-shaded CGI animated look.

9. The Barbie™ Diaries Barbie® Doll & Guitar

The teen star of the movie, Barbie® doll comes with a "guitar" and butterfly shaped "amp" that plays three tunes from the movie. Barbie® doll's outfit (cropped denim jeans, a pink shrug, espadrille sandals and, of course, the butterfly charm bracelet and diary) is also inspired from the movie.

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