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Best Baby Toys

Gift Ideas for Babies Newborn to 12 Months


Being a new parent, with so many choices available, it can be difficult to choose the best baby toys for your newborn. Infant toys tend to stimulate all the senses, so they usually have high contrast colors, and include many different textures and sounds. Toys for this age group will encourage hand-eye-mouth coordination for reaching, grasping and yes, chewing! Many toys will help develop strength and coordination as babies learn in the first year to roll, sit, crawl and walk.

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1. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym

© Skip Hop

This activity mat will first help your baby to develop visual skills as they watch the toys dangle above them when they lie underneath. Eventually, as they become more interested, they will want to reach out and explore the toys above them. There is a bolster pillow included to help promote "tummy time."  The arches also detach and the activity gym turns into a great floortime playspace. Birth and up.

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2. Infantino Wrist Rattles

© Infantino

Simply attach these rattles to a baby's wrist or ankle. They crinkle, rattle, and encourage baby to bring their hands together and reach down to play with their feet. Birth and up.

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3. Leap Frog Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout & Violet

©Leap Frog

Scout is blue for boys and Violet is purple for little girls. This toy comes with a detachable fleece blanket.  Both animals make environmental sounds and sing bedtime songs.  The moon on the front lights up while they sing and is a nice night light for babies falling asleep. This is a great item to help transition infants to sleep, and it's portable enough to take with baby on vacation, to daycare, or on a daytrip. Birth and up.

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4. Sassy Wonder Wheel

© Sassy Baby Toys

This toy can be attached to a high chair tray and will encourage baby to reach out with their hands to spin the wheel and develop hand eye coordination. 6 months and up.

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5. ALEX Jr. Mix n' Max Loopy Loo

© AlEX Toys

Infants, as well as adults won't be able to put this toy down! Great for teething babies, it has all sorts of different textures for them to explore by their eyes, hands or mouths! 3 months and up.

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6. Fisher-Price Stack and Roll Cups


Older babies will like to stack up the cups and knock the tall tower over. Put the yellow ball inside two cups that fit together and encourage baby to roll the ball back to you. Roll the ball across the room to encourage a baby learning to crawl to find it. This toy is great to bring to the sandbox or play with in the bathtub. 6 months and up.

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7. Fisher-Price Lil' Zoomers Shake and Crawl Racer


Babies that are motivated to crawl with love chasing after this toy. They can either roll the ball on the top of the car or shake the checkered flag rattle to send it racing to work on cause and effect play. 6 months and up.

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8. International Playthings Busy Ball Drop

©International Playthings

This toy will be a mainstay for young babies into toddlerhood. It works on their ability to anticipate the moving ball, as well as their eye-hand coordination to release the ball into the ramp. 9 months and up.

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9. VTech Submarine Learning Boat


Don't forget about the bathtub! This boat will float in the tub and by pushing a simple button, water sprays out of the top like a fountain! Young babies will enjoy putting the animals in and out of the boat with their hands. Also great for play in the pool, too. 9 months and up.

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10. Playskool Elefun Ball Popper


Babies can place the balls inside the elephant's ears or hands and they will pop up out of the trunk. For babies that are on the go, turn the elephant's trunk and the balls will scatter all around the living room. 9 months and up.

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