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Baby Bratz - Bubble Trouble

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Bratz Babyz

Bratz Babyz

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The Bottom Line

Baby Bratz have generated mixed reactions. For the most part, young girls love them! I've met parents who absolutely detest Baby Bratz, and then some who have learnt to tolerate them. The latest additions to the Bratz Babyz line include the Bratz Big Babyz Bubble Trouble line where the oversized Bratz Babyz can drink soda from a bottle, giggle, hiccup and burp out bubbles. Lots of trendy accessories are included like sunglasses, hair clips, slippers for the Bratz and much more.


  • The Baby Bratz doll comes with lots of accessories
  • Baby Bratz's bubble blowing is fun


  • The legs of the Baby Bratz are grossly oversized
  • Some of the accessories are pretty flimsy


  • The Bratz Babyz Bubble Trouble doll Jade is dressed in a bikini
  • Detachable pony tails are provided
  • All the Bratz Babyz dolls in this line come with soda pop bottles
  • Their bubble blowing is fun to watch
  • Flip flops and sunglasses complete the look

Guide Review - Baby Bratz - Bubble Trouble

Bratz Babyz are truly individuals in their own right. You have to hand it to them, the Baby Bratz are like no other. With the new line of Bratz Big Babyz - the 13" oversized Bratz Babyz, they're once again all set to captivate their fans.

The Bratz Big Babyz Bubble Trouble doll comes with a whole lot of accessories for the doll including trendy sunglasses, flip flops, hair accessories and more. The big Bratz Babyz look really cute, except for their legs, which are totally out of proportion to the rest of the doll. Dressed in a bikini, the Baby Bratz are ready to have some fun in the sun.The soda pop bottle provides entertainment. It's fun to watch the doll blow bubbles, until the idea loses it's novelty of course.

Overall, the Bratz Babyz Bubble Trouble dolls are trendy, cute and provide their share of fun to all the Bratz fans out there.

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