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Bratz Genie Magic Dolls

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Bratz Genie Magic Dolls
MGA Entertainment

The Bottom Line

I must say that I'm really impressed with this line of Bratz Genie Magic dolls. They are exotic, beautiful, detailed, and very different. Their exotic looks and eastern charm make these Bratz Genie Magic dolls a must-have. The Bratz Genie dolls complete with their colorful clothes, chunky jewellery and lots of accessories are great to build a storyline around!
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  • Colorful costumes and great details
  • Bratz Genie Magic Dolls make for imaginative play


  • Quality of clothes and accessories should be improved


  • Each Bratz Genie Magic doll has it's own exotic costume
  • Eastern designed jewellery adds to the look
  • Accessories like extra clothes, shoes and magic lanterns included
  • The Bratz Genie Magic line includes Yasmin, Meygan, Sasha, Cloe and Jade
  • Details like the tattoos on their arms are really nice

Guide Review - Bratz Genie Magic Dolls

I award full points to Bratz Genie Magic Dolls for being truly unique and very interesting. If I was a little girl again, these dolls would be my favorites! Each doll in the Bratz Genie Magic series is dressed in a colorful eastern themed outfit, with authentic looking jewellery to match. The dolls are all beautiful in their own right, and my only complaint with this line is that it's so difficult deciding which one to buy!

The Bratz Genie Magic dolls have a set of alternate western clothes and shoes included, along with a magic lantern, a comb and a kid-sized wearable necklace. The quality of the necklace was a little disappointing though, it could have been better without increasing the price of the doll too much. The Bratz Genie Magic doll's jewellery is in gold, and the designs are pretty close to the real thing. Once again, I wasn't too happy with the finishing of the jewellery and the clothes which could use some improvement. I remember dolls from my days having much better accessories - you could tell they were made with care, with all the little details taken care of. I guess that with rising costs, toy manufacturers have to cut corners somewhere!

That said, the Bratz Genie Magic dolls make are pretty interesting playmates for little girls. The Bratz Genie Magic Dolls are a refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill dolls, which is something that Bratz definitely isn't! The line is good for imaginative play, and will work really well with the girls.

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