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Top 10 Bratz Rock Angelz Dolls And Accessories


Bratz Rock Angelz truly rock! With their funky clothes, cool rides, great accessories and above all their attitude, the Bratz Rock Angelz are all set to win over the gals! This year, MGA Entertainment has come out with not only a huge range of Bratz Rock Angelz dolls, but also lots of related merchandise. MP3 players, CD players, organizers, DVDs and much more are part of the Rock Angelz line from Bratz. Here is the latest in the Bratz Rock Angelz line for this season.

1. Bratz Rock Angelz Makeover Head: Cloe

Get your own Rock Angelz makeover head and have lots of fun doing your Bratz doll up as well as yourself! The makeover heads come with tons of accessories like lip gloss, colored glitter, a hairbrush, nail polish, removable henna tattoos and tattoo cream with a stencil. You can choose your Bratz Rock Angelz head from your favorite Bratz characters - Sasha, Cloe, Roxxi, Jade and Yasmin.
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2. MGA Entertainment Bratz Rock Angelz Doll: Sasha

The Bratz Rock Angelz Cloe doll comes with her own numbered collectible guitar and accessories, including an exclusive CD of the BRATZ rockin' out, a concert t-shirt, a jacket, sunglasses, jewellery, cell phones and more. This line of Bratz Rock Angelz Dolls is based on the rock n roll of the 70's and 80's.
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3. MGA Entertainment Bratz: Rock Angelz Handbag CD Boombox

This cool CD player in the shape of a handbag is fit to be carried by the Bratz Rock Angelz themselves! This CD player boombox is of the vertical loading type, and has features like stereo sound, program repeat and play, an AM/FM radio, a headphone jack and a 15 second anti-skip feature.
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4. Bratz Rock Angelz Concert Stage

The Bratz Rock Angelz Concert Stage includes an exclusive Roxxi doll, two speakers, a guitar, a microphone, an exclusive anthem CD and more. The speakers are workable and you have to simply plug them into your player.
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5. Bratz Rock Angelz Organizer

This ultra stylish organizer can be used to hold your Bratz dolls along with their accessories, or to store all kinds of things! The organizer looks cool on the outside, and is pretty roomy on the inside, with lots of storage space including pockets where you can keep your treasures.
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6. MGA Entertainment Bratz Rock Angelz Party Plane

The Bratz party plane is all set to be the talk of the town. This stylish and rocking plane with star shaped windows is a perfect complement to your Bratz dolls. The plane comes with a lounge and a primping station where you can freshen your makeup. The plane is very roomy, and can fit 2 Bratz dolls. Also included is a flat screen tv, smoothies, chairs, cabinet, makeup kit and a suitcase for the Bratz's extra outfits.
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7. MGA Entertainment Bratz Rock Angelz Cruiser

The Bratz Rock Angelz Cruiser is a hot looking red and black set of wheels. The highlight of this cruiser is that it features a real working AM/FM radio. The headlights and tail lights actually work. This is a good addition to your Bratz and Bratz Babyz line of dolls.
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8. Bratz Rock Angelz Digital Camera

Digital cameras are increasingly becoming popular with the younger set of kids too. Kids will especially enjoy snapping pictures with this convenient and handy digital camera. There is also a video camera built in which allows you to shoot around 100 seconds of footage. It's extremely easy to upload your pictures onto the web or your computer. USB cable is included.
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9. Bratz Rock Angelz Tour Bus

This red and black bus is super cool. Featuring a working FM radio, headlights and taillights, this bus has tinted windows for the privacy that the Rock Angelz stars need. Within the bus you'll find a lounge, a loft, a primping station, a hot tub and lots of extra accessories.
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10. Bratz: Rock Angelz CD Boombox Player

This handbag shaped red and black CD player is designed to be very sleek indeed. This is a vertical loading CD player with lots of features like memory programming, searching for a song, repeat and random, and an informative digital display. There is also a bass boost button for those of you who really want to rock!
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