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Hexabits - Building and Construction Toy

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Hexabits Construction Toy - Clownfish

Hexabits Construction Toy - Clownfish

Hexabits Corporation

The Bottom Line

Hexabits is the newest of ideas in the construction toy sector. As the name suggests, Hexabits consists of hexagonal shaped pieces which employ a unique mechanism to link together. The beauty of hexabits is that the project can be given a 3 dimensional shape. Lots of unique possibilities exist for creating something new. Hexabits is great for kids who love to try out something new and challenging. It's a great alternative to the conventional LEGO and Playmobil related construction toys!


  • Colorful pieces link together to form interesting model shapes
  • Lots of possibilities for model making
  • The texture and flexibility is great
  • Washable, and easy to keep clean
  • Flat as well as three dimensional models can be created


  • You have to get used to the way pieces interlock
  • Difficult to visualize models before and while making them
  • Older kids will enjoy it more than younger kids


  • Hexabits consists of little flexible hexagonal shaped pieces
  • The individual pieces can be linked together from three sides
  • The links are strong, and durable
  • The pieces are of good quality and easy to clean
  • The completed model feels flexible to the touch

Guide Review - Hexabits - Building and Construction Toy

Hexabits is a great new construction toy. Lots of fun possibilities are possible with Hexabits, including creating models which are either flat or 3 dimensional. The pieces are all of the same size, but may be color coded.

Hexabits are great for building up your child's imagination, as one has to be inventive to come up with new designs. Younger kids will find the Hexabits too challenging, so I would say the construction toy is more suited for older age groups. There is a learning curve involved to get comfortable with the little pieces and the way they interlock together. Once that is overcome, the fun begins, and the building possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

You can visit the Hexabits site for fun patterns and creating ideas.

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