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Tidoo - A Bathtime Baby Doll From Corolle Dolls

Tidoo loves to have a bath with your child!


All you young moms and dads, rejoice! Because Corolle's latest baby doll Tidoo is here and she just loves to take baths! This extremely cute, soft and cuddly baby doll is also completely washable. You can safely wash Tidoo in hot water which is upto 40 degrees centigrade without doing the baby doll any harm. Tidoo is easy to dry. Just drip dry the baby doll, she's just as good as new after a thorough soaking.

Corolle's expertise in baby dolls is clearly seen with this doll which is guaranteed to be showered with hugs and kisses from both mom and babies alike! Tidoo's tagline says, "Hi, I'm Tidoo! I love to play in the water! In the bath, at the beach, at the pool, I float and dry quickly for hours of fun water play."

Tidoo is approximately 12" in length from head to toe. She has on a pink terry material one piece jumpsuit with baby blue buttons and a white collar. 2 cute ribbons one on each hand and a white headband with a pink bow completes her ensemble. Corolle has included Tidoo's very own personal napkin to dry her off after a bath.

One of the points which really appeals about Tidoo, is that she smells! Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, let me say that she has a delightful vanilla scent. Your baby will love to hug her and hold her close.

Tidoo floats in the water so she would be a good alternative to traditional plastic and rubber bath toys. Moms can show their babies how to give the baby doll Tidoo a bath, and make bathtime an even more fun time.

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