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Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls Review

Stylish Baby Dolls for Kids Ages 3 and Up

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Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls Review
©Jakks Pacific

Many young kids like to play with baby dolls. Cabbage Patch Kids dolls have been bringing many young children enjoyment over the last 30+ years. To date, over 123 million Cabbage Patch Kids dolls have been adopted. These soft bodied fashion dolls from Jakks Pacific can be adopted with customized birth certificates and features, but in addition, these dolls have now arrived in new modern, contemporary styles. These new Cabbage Patch Kids baby dolls are chosen by kids based upon their "fashionality" or fashion personality! There are 12 different, 14 inch baby dolls available for purchase.


-Dolls are 14 inches

-Dolls come in 12 different unique personalities and styles

-Recommended for kids ages 3 and up

-Dolls are available as both boys and girls

-Dolls have silky hair that can be easily combed and styled

-Each doll comes with their own unique one-of-a-kind name

-Dolls come with their own birth certificate direct from Babyland General Hospital that includes footpints, thumbprints and the official Oath of Adoption

-If purchased online at cabbagepatchkids.com the dolls name and birthday can be customized for an additional fee (at the writing of this post the fee is $3)

-A downloadable online code is included with the purchase to view the new Cabbage Patch Kids video called The New Kid online

-Additional outfits can be purchased to fit this 14 in. doll

-MSRP is about $34.99

Fashionality Choices

Cabbage Patch Kids Fashion Doll, Skater Boy

©Jakks Pacific

Personalities include: Artsy Girl, Girly Girl, Dressy Girl, Performer Girl,Playful Girl, Playground Girl, Preppy Boy, Preppy Girl, Skater Boy, Slumbertime Girl, Sporty Girl, Summertime Girl

-Dolls can be purchased in different races such as African American, Asian, and Caucasian

-Dolls come in a variety of different combinations that include various eye colors, hair colors and hair styles

-Hairstyles, facial expressions and features such as freckles or teeth can be customized when purchased on the Cabbage Patch Kids website.

My Thoughts

I was sent the "Playful Girl" to review. This particular doll came wearing accessories that included a pink shirt, blue denim skirt, striped tights, underwear and a pair of pink shoes. The dolls eyes are brown and her hair is also a soft, wavy, silky brown. She is wearing a stylish blue hat that is securely fastened onto the top of her head, and I have not cut the tags to remove it. Her hair is styled in a side ponytail. She was customized with brown freckles and two bottom teeth. Just like the original Cabbage Patch Kids I had as a child, she has a plastic face, a soft body, and the authentic Xavier Roberts signature on her right butt cheek. The clothing has velcro closures, which allow the doll to easily be dressed and undressed. The plastic shoes have fairly large openings and are not difficult to put on the doll. She actually has a very sweet smell, which is not at all overpowering. My son has been dragging this fashion doll around the house by her two feet, pretty much naked, for months. Her body still remains soft and the fabric is not damaged at all. Her hair is slightly matted but I can easily use my fingers to release the tangles. This doll was accompanied by a birth certificate that included my name and her date of birth. She also had a card that included her likes (strawberries), favorite time of day (cuddle time), what makes her smile (chirping birdies outside the window) and talent (math).

My mother remembers the days that she stood in line waiting at the local toy store to buy my first Cabbage Patch Kid doll. Cabbage Patch Kids were such a coveted holiday toy that year and just like yesterday I can distinctly describe the features of my first Cabbage Patch Doll. For those of us with vivid childhood memories who would like to share them with our children, these new Cabbage Patch Kids Fashionalities dolls are a great way for young girls and boys to engage in pretend play, all while celebrating their unique personalities and talents in life.

Cabbage Patch Kids Fashion Doll, Sporty Girl

©Jakks Pacific
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