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The New American Girl Caroline Abbott

What are American Girl Dolls?

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Caroline Abbott American Girl Doll
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American Girl dolls are 18-inch collectible dolls from various historical eras. Each doll arrives in detailed yet fashionable accessories, made specifically for the timeframe they lived in. Caroline Abbott is the thirteenth heroine that is added to the historical collection and her experiences revolve around the War in 1812.In addition to the doll there is a book that includes the stories and life experiences that the girl has shared with their friends and family.

Who is Caroline Abbott?

The newest member of the historical collection is the American Girl Caroline Abbott. Caroline Abbott is a 9 year-old girl who lives with her family on Lake Ontario in Sackets Harbor, New York during the War of 1812. Her father is a shipbuilder, who also becomes a prisoner during the war.

The books follow Caroline's thoughts and experiences during such a difficult, scary time frame. These challenging times for her can serve as an inspiration for young girls reading her story as they learn the values of learning how to be strong to survive in hardship.

The doll itself is 18 inches. Caroline has long, blonde hair and aquamarine eyes. She arrives wearing a pink empire-waist dress.

The doll can be purchased with a paperback book, as well as a paperback book and some accessories. The accessories include a faux-straw bonnet with fabric flowers, a drawstring purse, and a spinning top toy.

Additional accessories that will also be available for purchase as part of this new collection are her skiff (boat) and a parlor.

About the Author Kathleen Ernst

Additional book titles, written by Kathleen Ernst, that can be purchased include Meet Caroline, Caroline’s Secret Message, A Surprise for Caroline, Caroline Takes a Chance, Caroline’s Battle, and Changes for Caroline.

Ms. Ernst thoroughly researched the War of 1812, as well as the area of Sackets Harbor, New York for the books. She also had the opportunity to sail on a reproduction sloop, or ship. Through her research of the War, she also learned about the responsibilities young children needed to assume in order to help their families. It was some of these harsh realities that led to Caroline's personality traits as a strong, young woman.

My Review

I have personally witnessed how popular American Girl Dolls have been with young girls ages 6 and up. My own sister, who is now in her mid 20's, had several collections of American Girl dolls. It seems that for many young girls turning 6, choosing their own American Girl doll and visiting American Girl Place has become a rite of passage.

I honestly can't even begin to describe to you as an adult how exciting it was the day Caroline Abbott appeared on my doorstep. I have always wanted a doll like this of my own, but seriously how do you justify buying one for yourself as an adult? I had hoped that someday I'd have a daughter of my own to share in the experience because I saw how much excitement it brought both my mother and my sister, but I was blessed with a son, so I guess I'll continue to live the excitement through my friends and their daughters.

Though some people may feel that $105 dollars is an expensive price to pay for a doll, Caroline Abbott, like every other American Girl Doll product and accessory is absolutely stunning. The attention to detail with the clothing and accessories is exquisite, and personally what I think sets these dolls apart from any other collectible doll. I have no doubt that young girls will enjoy brushing, coming and styling her long blonde hair for hours.

Aside from collecting and playing with the dolls, many girls and their families enjoy partaking in the American Girl experience by visiting American Girl flagship stores throughout the United States where they can purchase dolls and accessories, girls can participate in photo shoots with their dolls, get their dolls hair styled and eat in the restaurant together. In addition to the historical collection, each year the American Girl Doll Girl of the Year is introduced and inspires young girls with the same values using more modern stories and experiences.

Visit the American Girl Doll website for more information.

Inspired by the historical collection, there is also a series of American Girl arts and crafts activities that encourage girls to learn practical crafts like sewing and scrapbooking to enhance their creativity.

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