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Best Baby Doll Accessories

Everything Your Child Will Want When Playing House


Many little girls really love learning how to nurture by playing with baby dolls. This is a list of some of the best baby doll accessories that can be purchased separately to help your child pretend to be a mommy with their favorite baby doll. This list includes everything your child will want when "playing house" with their baby dolls and it includes pack n' plays, shopping carts, jogging strollers, swings, doctors kits, high chairs, feeding accessories and bathtubs!

1. Corolle Jogging Stroller

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For those families with active lifestyles and that use jogging strollers, their little girls may want to have a baby doll jogging stroller all of their own for family walks!
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2. GRACO Duo Glider Baby Doll Stroller

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For little girls who want to bring more than one baby doll with them, or who have twin baby dolls, this double stroller is a perfect way to bring along multiple babies!
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3. Little Mommy Shopping Cart

I love accessories that really closely mimic the activities we do in daily life. Especially for toddlers and preschoolers, who doesn't want to ride in the car shopping carts? Why would baby dolls want to ride any differently?
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4. GRACO Doll Pack n' Play with Playgym

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This pack n' play also comes with a playgym on the top level. This toy can be a place where baby sleeps, has their diaper changed or plays using the playgym, just like real babies do.
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5. Step2 Cozy Kitchen

Looking for a small kitchen set that won't take up the entire living room or playroom? Consider this small kitchen set where the little mommy in your house can cook up a delicious meal for their baby doll and family.
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6. Step2 My Own Laundry

©Step2 / ©PriceGrabber
Just like with real babies, laundry always seems to pile up. This is a small laundry center where kids can practice washing their baby dolls clothes and cloth diapers!
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7. Corolle Baby Sling

©Corolle / ©PriceGrabber
This baby sling will allow kids to carry around a baby doll that is up to 17 inches.
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8. Corolle Baby Accessories Set

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Every baby needs to eat. This accessories set includes a bib, spoon, plate, pacifier, magic milk bottle, toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, bottle of cream, 2 diapers and a towel which can all be stored in an adorable bag.
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9. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

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This doctor's kit will encourage young kids to pretend to be doctors and take care of their baby when they are sick. The kit includes a real working stethoscope, blood pressure cuff with working pump, odoscope, thermometer, syringe, bandage play piece. All pieces are stored inside the green bag.
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10. Little Mommy Bath & Training Set

Every little baby needs their bathtime. Not only does this set include a tub to practice washing and bathing baby, but it also includes a musical potty, a sprayer, a hair dryer, vibrating toothbrush and a pump soap bottle.

11. GRACO Swing High Chair

Is baby hungry or tired? Depending on baby's mood, this toy can easily convert from a baby swing to a high chair for mealtime.
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