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Interested in the latest board games? Looking for some fun games for kids? Need some new and exciting travel games to play? We have information on board games, card games, fun games, kids games, educational games, handheld games and more! Find out about all this and more in this guide to games.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch
The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is a sweat proof, waterproof wearable tech device for kids that is worn like a watch but includes a camera, games and a rechargeable battery.

Disney Infinity Avengers Games
A new Disney Infinity Avengers game will be released, featuring characters that include Iron Man, Thor, and the Black Widow in a starter pack. Additional Avengers toys will include Captain America, Hawkeye and Hulk.

Water Balloon Games
If you are planning any water balloon games for family outings, school field day or birthday parties, make sure to add a water balloon filler and Zorbz self-sealing water balloons to your list.

Reasons to Buy Disney Infinity Games
Here are my top reasons you should feel confident buying Disney Infinity games for your family. Disney Infinity has something for everyone, includes incentive based play in both physical and virtual worlds, enhances imagination and communication while providing a nice family bonding experience.

What is Disney Infinity?

LeapFrog LeapBand

Disney Frozen Games
While there are certainly plenty of Frozen toys including dolls, magical wands, dresses, and ice castle playhouses, there are some fun Disney Frozen games, like the Wonder Forge Frozen Matching Game.

Angry Birds Toys
Angry Birds is a very popular app played on both tablets and smartphones. These silly characters have not only launched into the hearts of young children everywhere, but in the toy aisles of most major retailers you will find a variety of angry birds plush toys, angry birds video games, and new Star Wars Angry Birds games from Hasbro.

Video GameTruck Party
Have you ever considered a video GameTruck Party for your child's birthday party or a family event? I had an opportunity to experience a Game Truck party with a lot of friends and it was a big hit with both kids and parents.

Bejeweled Game
Bejeweled Blitz originated as an online game for the computer downloaded through a Facebook application. Hasbro launched a board game version of the popular app called the Bejeweled Game in March 2013 where players swap jewels to make multiple matches of 3 in a row.

New Skylanders Figures, Skylanders SWAP Force
New Skylanders Figures include 16 additions to the team that make up the Skylanders SWAP Force. For the first time, kids can combine and swap Skylanders toys in order to create over 250 character combinations that can fly, teleport, climb, dig, bounce and now jump.

The Fun Machine: A New Dr. Seuss Game by Wonder Forge
Dr. Seuss Books featuring their unique rhymes and characters like Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, the Lorax and Horton, are recognizable by both children and adults. Wonder Forge makes several fun Dr. Seuss games, like the Fun Machine, that are both fun and educational.

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Game by Wonder Forge
Enchanted Cupcake Party is a new Disney Princess game by Wonder Forge. Kids play cooperatively by putting together cupcakes inspired by Disney Princesses Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan, Belle, and Jazmine.

Who Shook Hook, Jake and the Neverland Pirates Game by Wonder Forge
Who Shook Hook is a great turn-taking and coordination game from Wonder Forge recommended for kids ages 4 and up, that features the popular characters Jake, Izzy, Cubbie, Scully, and Captain Hook from the Jake and the Neverland Pirates television show that airs on the Disney and Disney Junior Channel.

Best XBox Games for Kids
This year Microsoft has released some amazing Xbox games for kids. These are some of the best xbox games for kids.

Steam Team Station Thomas the Train Game
For children who love anything Thomas the Train, Discovery Bay Games has released a new game, specifically for the iPad called Steam Team Station. By placing the iPad in the console and downloading the free apps, kids are encouraged to play games with their favorite Thomas characters that involve "I Spy" activities, as well as physical play.

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Tatooine Battle Game - Hasbro
Angry Birds Star Wars are popular amongst children and adults of all ages. Hasbro has released a new family game that allows kids to construct their own structures, then launch their Star Wars Luke Skywalker Angry Bird into the tower with the Millenium Falcon Launcher, in hopes to knock the pigs off the blocks.

New Skylanders Giants Figures
Skylanders Giants are small toys that are compatible with the XBox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Playstation 3. No matter what gaming system you have at home, your child's game play progress will be stored on their Skylanders Giants figures. These are some of the new Skylanders Giants toys just released.

Tablet Toys for Kids of All Ages
Before you go handing over your expensive iPhone or iPad, this year several tablet toys and gaming consoles for kids have entered the toy market. Developed specifically with children in mind for their durability, games and apps, there is a wide variety of tablets that include tablets for kids as young as 3, but high-tech gaming systems with...

Fun Games for Kids of All Ages
If you are on the lookout out for some fun party games for kids and adults to pass the time at a birthday party, family event or during a family vacation, these are some of the newest, fun games for kids of all ages that include kids board games, party games and tablet/iPhone games.

Popular Game Apps Are Now Board Games
Those popular game apps like Words With Friends, Farmville, Cityville, Draw Something, Temple Run, and Angry Birds now have board game versions for family game night.

Collectible Toys
Each year I'm amazed how excited children are about various collectible toys. These are some of the newest collections that not only include toys which will be frequently traded amongst friends, the toys in this list can also be used to play various competitive games.

iPad Toys & iPhone Toys
Do you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Aside from all of the app games that can be downloaded to the actual devices, toy companies have jumped on board to create some amazing iPhone toys and iPad toys that will give their app game play an entirely different perspective. This is a list of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch toys for all ages that...

The original Perplexus is a ball maze game by PlaSmart that was created by a 3-D design teacher, Michael McGinnis. Players move a small marble around various tracks, pitfalls and obstacles inside a sphere. The game requires focus, attention, hand/eye coordination and memory. Due to the popularity of the original Perplexus game, additional versions include Perplexus Epic, Perplexus Rookie, and Perplexus Twist are also available for various age groups and skill levels.

Spot iT! On the Road: One of the Best Travel Games for Kids
Spot it! On the Road by Blue Orange Games is one of the best travel games for kids.

Bonkazaonks are a fun new strategy game where players flick, spin, stack and attack these fun new Marvel toys. Aside from the game, kids receive activation codes to also take their Bonkazonk play online.

Hasbro Battleship Movie Edition Game
Battleship has been a classic game for years, strategically guessing coordinates along a grid, marking guesses with pegs, all in the hopes to sink all your opponents ship for the win. Hasbro Battleship Movie Edition, includes 3 different variations, based on the new Battleship movie.

New Board Games for Kids
Even though Wii, Xbox Kinect and Nintendo DS might be the most popular family games, more families are taking time out of their busy schedules to schedule a game night. Classic favorites that have been around for generations like Scrabble and Monopoly now exist in different variations that bridge the generation gap. Whether looking for a fun...

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk Kits
Chalk City is a fun, new outdoor toy that is great for children that allows them to quickly make roadways and obstacle courses in minutes on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. Included are templates that children can color in that will allow children to design intricate cities with roadway signs.

Duo Plink by Discovery Bay Games
There are some cool ipad accessories. I never imagined that there would honestly be tablet toys. Duo Plink by Discovery Bay Games encourages kids and families to engage in game play using the ipad that with apps that inspire communication and are educationally focused.

LeapFrog LeapPad Books
LeapFrog debuted their LeapPad last year in 2011. There a variety of games and unique LeapPad books available for download and purchase that feature popular Disney characters.

NERF Toys & Accessories
NERF toys are very for kids typically 8-years-old and up. These are blaster toys, that shoot different types of ammunition, depending on the individual blaster. Some models, such as the NERF N-STRIKE blasters, shoot foam darts and whistling darts. NERF toys part of the DART TAG series include darts with velcro on the end so they can adhere to...

Jungle Speed Game Review
Jungle Speed is a fast action card game geared for kids ages 8 and up. 2-10 people can play simultaneously. On your turn, flip a card over. If you have the same pattern as another player, be the first to grab the totem pole in the center of the table and you'll win that hand. The first player to lose all their cards first, wins.

Toy Review - Capture the Gag Game
Capture the Gag Game - Toy Review of Capture the Gag Game

Two Games that Work on Brain Waves
Can these games read your mind? It seems like it! A new trend in the toy business is games that work on EEG waves. Using just the power of concentration, players make a ping-pong ball float in a special chamber, or guide a ball through a complex obstacle course.

Candy Land Sweet Celebration Game Review
Candy Land Sweet Celebration Game Review

Beware of the Dog
I am a huge dog person. This little guard dog in the game Beware of the Dog totally charmed me. A word of warning - do not wake the sleeping canine or you may be out of the game. So, before I lose you totally, let me explain that I’m talking about the new game called “Beware of the Dog” from University games. It’s a unique card game which has a lot of potential for fun and contains all the elements needed to make it something to look forward to.

Simtec Face-Off Frenzy PowerBand Hockey
Face Off Frenzy PowerBand Hockey

Fun Games - Guess What I Am?
Hilarity will surely ensue with the new and fun game "Guess What I Am?" from Technosource. The classic guessing game style has been upgraded with a comical twist to make playing this game an entertaining and bonding session, not to mention loads of fun too.

Fun Games - King Toad by Gamewright
King Toad by Gamewright is the king indeed! With a combination of simple rules and funny antics, this game ensures loads of fun. The hilarious character depictions on the cards make it even more appealing to kids. Who wouldnÂ’t wanna catch some funny bugs for the overweight king toad?

Five Little Monkeys Toys and Games
My toddlers absolutely love the Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow - it's such a cute book. So, I was delighted when I came across the Five Little Monkeys series of games and puzzles from University Games. I must confess, I spent way too much time on the games which I enjoyed thoroughly!

Spiderwick Chronicles Games from University Games
The Spiderwick Chronicles is a best selling series of children's fantasy books. The movie, Spiderwick Chronicles, was released earlier this year. University Games, the well known manufacturer of games and puzzles, has come out with a series of great games based on the Spiderwick Chronicles. Here's a look at the Spiderwick Chronicle games from University Games.

Incredible Hulk Games
Incredible Hulk is very popular with boys and girls alike. No one can resist this action packed green superhero. Here are some great games with a "hulk" flavor - Incredible Hulk Games from Hasbro.

Interactive R/C Scoop 'n' Shoot Basketball Game from Kid Galaxy
The "wow" factor is pretty way up there for the Interactive R/C Scoop 'n Shoot R/C Basketball from Kid Galaxy. We've heard of R/C racing games, but Kid Galaxy is one of the first to come up with the idea of an interactive R/C basketball game! To top it all, the interactive R/C basketball game has these extremely cute basketball shoes which have to be radio controlled. Check out the review of the interactive R/C Basketball game from Kid Galaxy.

ThinkFun Games For Your Kids
These new ThinkFun games are a real treat for your child. They are stimulating, challenging and entertaining all at the same time. The newest releases for this year include games like HotSpot, Pete's Pike, Cover Your Tracks and more. Read more about these must have games from ThinkFun.

Fun Games To Play With Your Kids
Playing games with your kids can be so much fun. We've lined up a whole slew of fun games that both adults and kids will really enjoy. These fun games are a great way to while away your evening whether the weather's hot or cold outside! Fun and excitement awaits you wih this selection of the latest kid's games from famous makers like Cranium, Gamewright and Briarpatch! Take a look at these fun games for your kids.

Cranium's Sounds of the Seashore Memory Matching Game (For Ages 3+)
Cranium's Sounds of the Seashore is a memory game with a slight difference - it's an electronic memory game meant for young kids 3 and up. The twist in the memory game is that it involves listening to sounds and finding the matching card which corresponds to the sound. Sounds of the Seashore is entertaining and promotes memory matching skills. Take a look at the full review of Cranium's Sounds of the Seashore Memory Game.

Kid's Card Games
These fun-filled and exciting kid's card games are a must have to keep your kids busy! Read all about these kid's card game recommendations for some great family fun time. Kid's card games are fun for the entire family to join in. These kid's card games from Gamewright are perfect for travel, home or picnics. Here are some great kid's card game ideas from your guide to Toys at About.com.

I Spy Games
I Spy, the popular series of games originally created by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick, is great to make children remember words, sharpen their memories and problem solving skills. These wonderful I Spy Games educate your kids and will have them wanting more! Check out these I Spy Games from your guide to Toys at About.com.

Disney Princess Games
Disney Princess Games are well loved by most little girls. Who can resist the charm of a Disney Princess game? The Disney Princesses including Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Mulan, Ariel, Jasmine and more all add to the fun when they play along with your kids in various Disney Princess games. Here is a selection of Disney Princess...

Cranium's Board Game Cariboo
Cranium's board game Cariboo is a great game for preschoolers and slightly older kids. Cariboo has all the elements which fascinate little kids like treasure chests, unlocking locked doors, finding balls inside secret compartments and more! Cariboo is a great board game for kids and their friends to enjoy. Check out the review of Cariboo - an awesome board game for kids from Cranium!

Dinner Games - Family Time Fun Dinner Games and Activities
If you're looking for dinner games which the whole family can join into, take a look at the Family Time Fun Dinner Games and Activities. These are a set of extremely simple, and yet highly enjoyable dinner games and activities for families with kids aged 5 to 12. These dinner games promote unity within the family, and make dinner time pleasurable and fun.

Spiderman and Friends Game from Briarpatch
The Spiderman game from Briarpatch features Spiderman and his friends. This exciting Spiderman card game for kids called Spiderman and Friends Gotcha Card Game is great fun for ages 3 and up. Adults and kids alike will love playing this fun filled Spiderman game.

Cranium Conga Review | Review of Cranium Conga
Cranium's Conga game is full of laughter and excitement for a wide range of ages. The totally random Cranium timer adds to the excitement of Cranium's game as players rush to guess before the timer goes off. Guessing is aided by actions, sculpting, clues and simple luck. Cranium Conga is an excellent ice-breaker too.

Top Movie Themed Game Cube Video Games | Game Cube Video Games For Kids
Today's kids love to play exciting video games on their GC. Movie themed video games are always a huge success with kids, especially when they've enjoyed watching the movie. Here are the best Game Cube video games for the Game Cube based on hit movies which your kids will really enjoy!

Top 10 Movie Themed Game Boy Advance Video Games For Kids
Today's kids love to play exciting video games on their GBA. Movie themed video games are always a huge success with kids, especially when they've enjoyed watching the movie. Here are the best Game Boy Advance video games for the Game Boy Advance based on hit movies which your kids will really enjoy!

Top Movie Themed Playstation 2 Video Games | Playstation 2 Video Games For Kids
Today's kids love to play exciting video games on their PS2. Movie themed video games are always a huge success with kids, especially when they've enjoyed watching the movie. Here are the best Playstation 2 video games for the Playstation 2 based on hit movies which your kids will really enjoy!

Top Movie Themed PS2 Video Games | PS2 Video Games For Kids
Today's kids love to play exciting video games on their PS2. Movie themed video games are always a huge success with kids, especially when they've enjoyed watching the movie. Here are the best PS2 video games for the PS2 based on hit movies which your kids will really enjoy!

Top Movie Themed XBox Video Games | XBox Video Games For Kids
Today's kids love to play exciting video games on their Xbox. Movie themed video games are always a huge success with kids, especially when they've enjoyed watching the movie. Here are the best Xbox video games for the XBox based on hit movies which your kids will really enjoy!

Travel Games, Car Travel Games, Kid Travel Games, Travelling Games
Planning a long trip? Here are some great travel games for the entire family which will help pass the time. These travel games are perfect for car travel, road travel, air travel or camping outdoors. Looking for some great kid travel games? Check out these fantastic travel game ideas.

Top Cranium Board Games for Kids
Cranium has some wonderful board games especially for kids including Cranium Whoonu, Cranium Cadoo, Cranium Balloon Lagoon and more. Find out which the best Cranium board games are for your kids.

Games To Play At A Halloween Party
Are you planning a Halloween party? Here are some fantastic murder mystery games that you can play with your at the party which are bound to make the party a rip roaring success. Read on for some great suggestions for Halloween Party Games.

Review Of Wiggles 3D Don't Quote Me Time For Kids Educational Game
The Don't Quote Me Time For Kids Edition Educational Board Game is packed with educational content for your kids. Kids really enjoy playing the Don't Quote Me game and pick up valuable gems of information along the way! Read the review of Don't Quote Me For Kids Educational Board Game from About.com.

Doc McStuffins Toys
Doc McStuffins is a popular television character for preschool aged children on the Disney Junior Channel. Doc is an inspiring little girl with a magical stethoscope that brings her friends to life in her backyard clinic, as she demonstrates her talent for diagnosing and fixing various broken toys.

Top Picks for Children's Board Games
Great kids board games where the entire family can join in the fun!

Wiggles Game | Wiggles Don't Quote Me Game
Wiggles 3D has come out with a new Don't Quote Me Game. Read the details of the new Wiggles Game at About.com

Cranium Whoonu - Detailed Review Of Cranium's Fun Filled Board Game Whoonu
Read a complete review of Cranium Whoonu, the fun filled family style game from the famous board game maker Cranium. Cranium has come up with another winner with Whoonu. Read a full review of Cranium Whoonu from your guide to toys at About.com

Best Electronic Games And Electronic Gadgets For Your Kids
You can view reviews of Some Of The Best Electronic Games and Gadgets For Your Kids. Choose the Right Electronic Games and Electronic Gadgets with this Top 10 List of the Best Electronic Games and Gadgets.

Top Five Children's Word Games
Check out the best kids word games. Children's word games are hard to find, and these word games will be enjoyed by your kids!

Kids Travel Games
During vacations, aside from downloading additional apps for tablet toys, many parents prefer to bring along some portable games that can be easily put in a purse, luggage, a backpack or stored in the car. This list includes my favorite kids travel games the entire family can enjoy.

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