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Spot iT! On the Road: One of the Best Travel Games for Kids

Game for Kids and Adults of All Ages

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Spot It on the Road
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Blue Orange games has developed some very unique board games, as well as travel games for kids and adults of all ages. Some of their popular games includes several different versions of Spot iT! If you are traveling by plane, air or car, these card games, stored in stable tins, are fun, simple and easy to learn to play.

Concept of Spot iT!

No matter whether you are playing any one of the Spot iT! travel games, the game play is the same. Included in each tin are 55 different cards. The game is recommended for 2-8 players, ages 7 and up. The game itself takes only 15 minutes to complete.

There are several different types of ways to play the game. Each card has 8 different pictures on the card, with about 50 different pictures or symbols included in the deck. However, when comparing any 2 cards, there is only 1 picture that is the same between the 2 cards. The similar pictures and/or symbols will be the same shape and color, but the size may be different. Be the fastest person to find the matching picture and call it out amongst the people playing.

I've generally only played the Tower version of the game, there is 1 main pile of the cards in the middle. Players each place a card in front of them. The first player to call out the matching symbol on their card takes the middle card and places it on their pile. The person with the most cards wins.

I played this game, Spot iT! On the Road with groups of children at the same time. Young children, even at the age of 2-3 can find matching pictures, so it was a great game to play with kids of varying ages, especially since being able to read print is not required to participate. Even though the game was fairly new to me, all of the kids had played it before and were excited to get another chance to play.

Included in the directions are 5 different games to play with the same cards, making the versatility of this game one of the best travel games for kids and adults.

The sturdy tin keeps the cards safe during travel if they are transported in a purse or carry-on bag. The pictures and symbols included in these games also lend themselves to playing a realistic version of Spot iT! where kids use the cards to then locate real life signs and symbols from their car or train window. Given that the cards have so many different pictures on them, I have also used them as ways to prompt and encourage young children to write stories.

If you have friends and family members with specific interests, there are multiple versions of this game that include:

- Spot iT! (Compare Prices)

- Spot iT! Jr. (Animals) (Compare Prices)

- Spot iT! MLB (Major League Baseball) (Compare Prices)

- Spot iT! NHL (National Hockey League) (Compare Prices)


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