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Toy Review - Capture the Gag Game

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Capture the Gag Hide and Seek Toy

Capture the Gag Toy

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The Bottom Line

I love that Capture the Gag encourages creativity and teamwork. It requires no batteries and can be played wherever you are. It's a great idea and I recommend it enthusiastically. If it came in a more practical box I'd give it five stars for sure.
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  • Gets kids moving.
  • Can be an indoor toy or an outdoor toy.
  • Really fun for the whole family.
  • The few pieces are cute and clever.
  • Lots of room for creativity and making your own games.


  • Packaging is much larger than it needs to be.


  • Capture the Gag is a fun, active game based on hide and seek.
  • Everyone will enjoy it, from toddlers to grandparents.
  • The game rules are simple and it's fun to change it up, which encourages creativity.
  • Team play fosters cooperation.
  • Success depends on the power of observation.
  • A great indoor toy or outdoor toy.

Guide Review - Toy Review - Capture the Gag Game

Toy companies often describe toys and games as "fun for the entire family." In this case, it's completely true! Capture the Gag is a fun game based on hide and seek.

Included in the box are two nine-inch "Gags," which sort of look like alien lobsters. Each gag has a magnet, two suction cups, a clip and "bendy" arms that grab onto things. The teams each hide their gag in their designated hiding quarters, then switch rooms. The first team to find their gag and meet back in the middle wins!

In addition to the two plastic Gags, the box includes eight rubbery wrist bands in team colors as well as two team flags and an instruction book. Unfortunately the box is more than 11 inches tall, while the contents aren't even three inches tall. The box is beautifully adorned with artwork that reminds me of Tim Burton's style, so it would attract attention on the store shelves for sure. I just hate that the manufacturers are shipping thousands of gorgeous boxes of air from China. It makes my "green" side shudder.

We played Capture the Gag indoors on a painfully long snow day. My children are just 2 and 4, so we teamed each kid with a parent and they really loved it! The Gags clipped to a curtain, suction-cupped to a dresser and hid ever so stealthily under a blanket, with only one googly eye sticking out. We even hid a Gag in plain sight, dangling from the chain on the ceiling fan, and nobody looked up!

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