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Fun Games for Kids of All Ages

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11. Jake and the Neverland Pirates Who Shook Hook - Wonder Forge

Who Shook Hook, Jake and the Neverland Pirates
©Wonder Forge

Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a very popular preschool show on the Disney Junior channel. In this game, Captain Hook stole all of the treasure. So kids will travel around the board game to determine whether they will need to use a sword, tweezers, fishing pole or shovel to take back their treasure without waking up Captain hook from his hammock.

12. Magic Feather - Wiggity Bang

Magic Feather Wiggity Bang
©Wiggity Bang

This board game has a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type scenario. Players pick a character to move along the various paths on the board game that connect to different places in a community (post office, library, etc.) Each time the game is played, the final landing place and path to get there is different. Players will need to pick up a magic feather in a location somewhere on the board, before moving their character to the end location. In order to move the pawn and advance spaces, kids turn cards with various silly actions and questions on them. Some of the cards include sending crows to the end location. If the crows make it there before the players, the game is over. The activity cards range in their difficulty from true/false questions to more challenging responses to questions like, “Tell as much as you can about a family member before the timer runs out.” Recommended for kids ages 7 and up.

13. Morphology / Morphology Jr.

©Morphology / ©PriceGrabber

If you don't like to draw, but like to create, then this game is perfect for you. Use the included sticks, string, beads and other pieces to design a picture that represents a word on the card. Then travel around the board and you may have to create with your opposite hand, eyes closed or create head-to-head with the other team. Morphology Jr. is recommended for ages 8 and up and includes larger pieces and hints for younger children, while Morphology is recommended for ages 13 and up.

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14. Popular Apps That are Now Board Games

Angry Birds Knock on Wood
©Mattel / ©PriceGrabber

Are you in love with popular apps on your smart phone like Angry Birds, Farmville, Cityville, Words With Friends and Draw Something? This is a list of new board games that initally made their debut to the world as smartphone apps.

15. Roll & Play - ThinkFun

Roll & Play Game - Thinkfun

This is one of the best games to play with young toddler and preschool aged kids. Kids roll a dice, then pick a corresponding card that encourages them to do various age appropriate activities. Kids learn about color matching, recognizing body parts, and saying animal sounds. Aside from learning to follow directions and waiting their turn, there is no reading involved and a few rounds of the game can be played in minutes.

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16. Rory's Story Cubes / Rory's Story Cube Actions - Gamewright

Gamrewright Rory's Story Cubes

These portable dice games have pictures of objects and actions on them. Roll them to create silly and crazy stories as a group. Combine both versions of the game for even more options.

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17. Scallywags - Gamewright

Scallywags Gamewright

Pirate toys and games are wildly popular these days. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, kids will be swapping and taking coins from the piles or their opponents while working on math and visual skills and speaking some really silly pirate phrases.

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18. Scrabble Catchphrase - Hasbro

Scrabble Catchphrase Hasbro

This is an electronic game recommended for kids ages 12-years-old and up. Try to get your team members to guess the phrase, while describing it, without saying the exact words given. Once your team guesses correctly pass the unit to the other team and don't be holding the game unit when the timer stops. The game automatically keeps score and manages the timer.

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19. Sifteo

Sifteo Cubes

These interactive cubes include dozens of games that allow kids and adults the ability to play by themselves or with others, anywhere. These cubes sense each other and then respond. During game play the cubes can be pressed, tilted, shook, or aligned with another cube. There are 4 games included in the tiles out of the box and others can be purchased online. Recommended for ages 7 to adult.

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20. Spot It! On The Road- Blue Orange Games

Spot It on the Road
©Blue Orange

This fun game will have kids and adults playing together. No reading is required and the game play involves finding the 1 picture that matches from your card to the main deck. Fast paced and easy to take when traveling on family vacations.

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