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Fun Games for Kids of All Ages

Party Games, Board Games, Tablet & iPhone Games


If you are on the lookout out for some fun party games for kids and adults to pass the time at a birthday party, family event or during a family vacation, these are some of the newest, fun games for kids of all ages that include kids board games, party games and tablet/iPhone games. Make sure you check all 3 pages, this list has over 20 items!

1. Angry Birds Splat Strike - Tech4Kids

Angry Birds Splat Strike - Tech4Kids

Using the launcher and fly sticky, angry birds at this fun target!

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2. Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Launchers- Hasbro

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Launchers- Hasbro

Take turns being the builder and the launcher, then blast your Star Wars themed Angry Birds characters into the ice blocks. Recommended for 1-2 players, ages 8 and up.

3. Battleship Movie Edition - Hasbro

Battleship Movie Edition

This year, in conjunction with a new Battleship movie, Hasbro added some new features to their classic Battleship game. In this edition, cards are included that are drawn before each turn. These cards speed up the game play allowing players to seek and destroy by searching entire rows for opponents ships.

4. Collectible Toy Games

Bonkazonks Marvel Spider-Man Headquarters

Last year there was a huge surge in small toys that could be used to create various games. This list is dedicated to new, fun games like Bonkazonks, Star Wars Fighter Pods, Crazy Cubes and Trashies which are some of the newest, collectible toy games.

5. Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Game - Wonder Forge

Dazzling Princess Game Wonder Forge
©Wonder Forge

This game encourages girls ages 4 and up to use their matching skills to earn jewels to decorate their own tiara, bracelet and ring. Then players pretend to act like the Princess on their card while the other players try to guess.

6. Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party - Wonder Forge

Enchanted Cupcake Game Wonder Forge
©Wonder Forge

For little girls who love to bake, Disney Princess toys and cupcakes, they will love this game. Players work collaboratively to find the ingredients on their card and create up to 10 cupcakes. This is a collaborative game where everyone works together and there is not a specific winner, which is great for kids ages 3 and up.

7. Dora Let's Play Backpack - Discovery Bay Games

Dora the Explorer Duo Backpack
©Discovery Bay Games

Discovery Bay Games has developed a whole host of iPad games for kids. With this game, there is a backpack that sits right on the iPad. After downloading the free app, kids will answer questions within the app by placing a token on either a green or orange space on the backpack. If they answer correctly their token will automatically drop into the backpack. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

8. Elefun Snackin Safari Game - Hasbro

Elefun Snackin Safari Hasbro

Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, and 1-2 players, this fast paced game will have kids moving quickly and is a great activity for a rainy day. An Elefun head is attached to a spring with a suction cup. Kids use their Elefun head to pick up as many snacks as possible and return them to their home base. The winner is the player who brings the most cards back to their home base, or the person who finds the special Golden Tutti Frutti wild card.

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9. Fibber - Spinmaster

Fibber Spinmaster

This is a simple game, recommended for kids ages 7 and up. Kids wear silly glasses, then place cards various down on the table. For example, they would say, “I have 3 Bigfoot cards.” Then place 3 cards upside down on the board. Other players can challenge them and if they were not telling the truth, then they have to add a nose to their glasses. The player with the shortest nose at the end of the game wins.

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10. iPod/iPhone/iPad Games

AppDrive Spinmaster

Though smartphone apps are popular, many companies have created interactive board games, blasters, fishing poles, driving wheels and cool new ways to use your smartphone, iPod and iPhone in family game play. This list is dedicated to fun games for kids and adults of all ages that include accessories that enhance game play by using an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

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