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Top 5 Cranium Board Games For Kids


Cranium, a hot favorite in the board games market has won the Game of the Year award three times in a row for its stimulating and exciting board games. Cranium board games are well known for their challenges and fun they provide. Cranium board games are enjoyed by adults and of course, kids love Cranium board games! The Cranium board games like Cranium Cadoo, Cranium Balloon Lagoon and more are great for your kids. Find out more about Cranium Board Games!

1. Cranium Balloon Lagoon

Cranium Balloon Lagoon
This fun filled carnival style Cranium board game requires players to collect the maximum number of balloons to win. In order to do so, they have to complete some fun filled carnival style games! Join in the fun with the "funtastic" Cranium Board Game Balloon Lagoon.
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2. Cranium Zooreka

Cranium Zooreka
You'll certainly enjoy Cranium's Zooreka - a board game where you race to build your own zoo! You can travel around the game board collecting resources, food, and other stuff for your zoo as you gear up for Opening Day! It's a great new setting for a board game.

3. Cranium Board Game Cadoo

Cranium Board Game Cadoo
Cadoo from Cranium is another winner all the way. Players get to pick a Solo or a Combo card, each of which instructs the players to perform some activity which they have to complete in order to get their token on the board. Activities include puzzle solving, trivia questions and more in the Solo section, and acting words out or sculpting them from dough so that the team can guess them. This is a sensational board game from Cranium.
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4. Cranium Hullaballoo Game

Cranium Hullaballoo Game
This exciting game from Cranium is loads of fun! In the box is a set of 16 little floor pads and a speaker unit. The pads which have shapes, colors & pictures have close enough to hop onto one from another. A fun voice gives instructions like step, jump on this color, animal etc, and various combinations of things to do. After a few turns, a freeze command is called out, where a winner is picked out. This Cranium game is great for teaching little ones while having lots of fun!
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5. Cranium Cariboo

Cranium Cariboo
This Cranium game is great for the little kids, they get to match shapes, colors and more and learn something useful in the bargain. Players have to match cards and open doors to discover whether there is a ball underneath. Collect 6 balls and the treasure is yours! Another winning game from Cranium for your kids.
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