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Top 5 Electronic Games And Gadgets For Your Kids


Electronic Games And Electronic Gadgets are gaining precedence over conventional and traditional games and toys like trains, cars and dolls. Most kids nowadays prefer electronic games like GameBoy, Nintendo, VSmile, and electronic gadgets like VideoNow Color, Juicebox. Peer pressure is also a major factor in the popularity of these electronic games and gadgets. Here are some of the Best Electronic Games and Electronic Gadgets For Your Child.

1. Power Tour Electric Guitar

Power Tour Electric Guitar
The Power Tour Electric Guitar from Hasbro is an easy way for youngsters to learn how to play the electric guitar. It's also great for parents, since it is relatively inexpensive and not so loud! Hasbro and Tiger Electronics have put in a lot of thought into designing this product, which I highly recommend.

2. Smart Cycle

Smart Cycle
The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle is a stationary bike very much like an exer-cycle. The Smart Cycle reminds me of the arcade style games that one sees in gaming arcades. The Smart Cycle is a stationary bike meant for preschoolers which plugs directly into your TV's A/V jack. You can use the software title called Learning Adventure which is included or purchase more software separately for use with the Smart Cycle. Preschoolers will be able to pedal their way through games as they have fun and exercise at the same time.

3. Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii
Wii (pronounced as "we") represents the seventh generation of gaming consoles from Nintendo. Wii is all set to offer 30 new games. The uniqueness of the Wii is in it's controller whose position can be detected in 3D space. The Wii is all set to capture the market, so grab yours when you get a chance. Very popular with the gaming crowd!
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4. Fur Real Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot

Fur Real Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot
Encouraged by the success of the Fur Real Friends Butterscotch Pony last year, Hasbro has come out with the Fur Real Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot. The Fur Real Friends Squawkers McCaw Parrot is electronic, animated and full of beans. It comes with a remote control, a perch and a pretend parrot cracker.

5. Tamagotchi V4

Tamagotchi V4
On to the latest version of Tamagotchi, the Tamagotchi V4. The new and improved Tamagotchi V4 is even more technologically advanced than before. The players can control the future of their virtual pets by playing mini games and going to school. By doing so, players earn virtual Skill Points, which can be used to choose a "fun" job like a rock star, doctor, fashion designer and much more. The Tamagotchi is certainly the forefather of all the "virtual" toys that we see today.
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