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Kids' Games - Best of 2008

A great selection of fun kids' games


Kids love games. Back in the days, my idea of a good time as a kid was playing a game together with my whole family. Even now, I love a good game. There's nothing better than a a fun-filled board game to perk up a family gathering or a party. Games are a fun way to unwind and relax. Our picks for kids' games this year include a good mix of games for kids of all ages. We have included board games, TV games and DVD games in this list as well. These kids' games are such that even adults will enjoy playing them. Here's a look at the best kids' games of 2008.

1. Smithsonian Institution – Pandamania Game

Smithsonian Institution – Pandamania Game
With Pandas being an endangered species, what better way is there to raise awareness about these exotic animals than by making them the stars of a game? The Smithsonian Institution Pandamania Game has players racing around the board to gather the food their Panda needs. When you land on a bamboo space, you get to activate the mother panda and watch as she quickly comes down the tree. It's crucial where she lands because she may just help to you get all the bamboo you need to win. The Pandamania Game comes with a game board, bamboo tree trunk, spinner, bamboo leaf sections, sculpted mother panda figure, 4 baby Panda boards, 42 food disks, 4 movers, 4 mover stands and of course, rules. Ideal for kids ages of 5 and up.
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2. Xeko Mission China

Xeko Mission China
The magic of China is captured in this beautifully designed trading card game. The Chinese eco system and its endangered species like the panda, snow leopard and cobra are featured in the Xeko Mission China game which raises awareness about our precious natural environment. The starter set is packaged in a beautiful pagoda box and includes 42 cards, an oversized game mat, rule book, play guides and a heavy-duty deck storage box. Xeko Mission China is ideal for ages 8 and up.
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3. Gamewright Boochie

Gamewright Boochie
Boochie certainly lives up to its whacky name! This game takes fun to a whole different level. You have to simply throw the soft foam "Boochie" target and try to land your ball and hoop as close to it as possible. The Boochie tracker will track your score as well as provide different challenges. Sounds pretty simple, but it works real well. I particularly liked it because it encourages kids to get up and move. The Boochie set contains four toss rings, four bean balls, four wrist trackers, 1 12-sided Boochie target, all in a vinyl travel bag. It's ideal for ages 8 and up.
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4. Learning Resources Cash Bash Electronic Game

Learning Resources Cash Bash Electronic Game
Learning Resources
Educational games are a favorite with parents. The Cash Bash Electronic Money Game from Learning Resources is a great choice if you're looking to get one of these. The game is all about teaching kids addition and about currency. The basic concept of this game is to add up the coins and come up with the answer to the question. There are five different variations of the game. Ideal for kids between 6 to 8 years.
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5. Orijinz

Orijinz is a word game which is both fun and educational. You don’t have to be a "word nerd" to enjoy this simple but entertaining game. The object of the game is to guess the correct word or phrase after listening to the origins of the word in question. Orijinz contains 150 cards for hours of fun, so you won't run out of cards so quickly. Each game lasts for about 15 minutes or so, making it ideal for short bouts of entertainment. I liked Orijinz because it made my brain cells work! A great game that encourages communication, Orijinz is a definite winner. Orijinz is ideal for players over the age of 13.

6. Out of the Box Publishing Backseat Drawing

Out of the Box Publishing Backseat Drawing
Out of the Box Publishing
Hilarity is sure to ensue in this simple but oh so funny game! Two teams race to identify drawings done by their own team members. However the catch is that the budding artists can only follow the instructions given by another team member. Directors themselves can only use shapes, locations, sizes and directions to describe how to draw the word on the card. This is an awesome game which will be a definite ice breaker at parties. This game is ideal for players over the age of 12.
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7. Gamewright Pounce

Gamewright Pounce
View the world in a completely new light in this fun new game from Gamewright. Pounce makes players see things in kitty perspective as they are given free reign over the empty house. Players have to collect a set of room cards but they have to beware of Bruno the bulldog at the same time. Ponce is ideal for 2 to 5 players over the ages of 6.
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8. Smithsonian Dig That Dinosaur Game

Smithsonian Dig That Dinosaur Game
Loads of prehistoric fun is what you’ll get with this cool game. Players can go on an exciting excavation to find the parts of a dinosaur. In the unique board game, players turn over cards, using a mini-excavation tool to uncover dinosaur bones. The game also includes fascinating information about dinosaurs and their prehistoric habitats making it fun and educational. The Dig the Dinosaur Game and includes game base, dig tool, 30 grid cards, 30 missing bones cards, 4 dinosaur cards, and rules. Ideal for players of ages 6 and up.
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9. Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?
Now the ultra popular game show can be played right in your own living room. Based on the hit TV show, the "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader Game" from Hasbro pits the kids against the grownups for ultimate bragging rights. The game follows the same routine of the game show as players have to answer 11 questions that an average 5th grader knows. The game includes 500 question cards, card reader sleeve, 2 game boards, 4 money marker pawns, 10 grade markers, 2 "cheat" pawns, 1 "save" pawn, 12 $1,000 tokens, pad, pencils, card tray and instructions. Ideal for kids from 8 to 16.
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10. Say Anything

Say Anything
Northstar Games
The ultimate party game is here. "Say Anything" is a party game that is sure to brighten up any gathering. Players ask each other all important questions like “What’s the best activity for a first date?” or "What is the most overrated band of all time?" and the rest of the players write down their answers and throw the answer face up on the table as fast as possible. Say Anything is a great ice breaker during parties. Ideal for ages 12 and up.
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