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Top 10 Movie Themed XBox Video Games For Kids


Kids love to play exciting video games on their Xbox. The XBox is one of the more popular platforms for playing video games. Movie themed video games are always a huge success with kids. There have been lots of great movies released in the recent past based on super heros, cartoon characters and TV characters. Subsequently, video games based on these movies are also very popular. Here are the best movie themed Xbox video games which your kids will really enjoy!

1. Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire by Electronic Arts

This exciting kid's video game is based on J.K. Rowling's fourth book by the same name. Kids will love this video game as they follow the adventures of Harry and his friends. Harry Potter confronts a fire-breathing dragon, rescues friends from the icy depths of the Black Lake, and navigates the twisting corridors of a maze. Kids can choose to be either Harry, Ron, or Hermione in this fun-filled video game and play it alone or with their friends.
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2. Ultimate Spiderman by Activision

Kids can play either the villian or their favorite super hero Spiderman in this exciting game Ultimate Spiderman by Activision. It's just like plunging into the comic book! Spiderman has to battle against the evil villians and evil forces just waiting to take him down. Lots of challenges lie ahead in this thrilling video game for the XBox.
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3. Batman Begins by Electronic Arts

The Batman Begins Video Game for the XBox is a fantastic video game combining stealth, darkness and something truly unique, fear. The underworld characters in the game all have different levels of fear of the Batman which can be used to Batman's advantage. In the Batman Begins Video Game for the XBox, Batman's action packed moves under the cover of darkness with a large measure of stealth are sure to scare and defeat the enemies.
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4. Activision Madagascar

Activision's Madagascar game for the XBox is great for younger kids upto the age of 10. Featuring all the lovable characters from the movie Madagascar, the video game requires leading characters like Marty the Zebra through the various game levels. There are a variety of plots that you can choose from, and the game is relatively short and easy, which is perfect for younger kids.
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5. Buena Vista's Chicken Little Video Game

The Chicken Little Video Game for the XBox is of excellent quality. With great graphics and excellent sound effects including full songs and scenes from the movie, the Chicken Little video game is fun for the kids. The game involves doing tasks like picking up acorns, playing games like dodge ball and baseball, searching for stuff all over town, and yes, there's even an alien spaceship thrown in! Rated E-10, the Chicken Little game for the XBox is sure to be a runaway success.
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6. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

Disney's movie Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe has spawned off Buena Vista's video game. Four sibilings, namely Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie enter into the mysterious land of Narnia, which has been frozen for 100 years by the wicked White Witch. The four children each have unique powers and abilities which help them to battle unusual adversaries like Minotaurs, Werewolves and more ferocious creatures. Play the exciting XBox video game for lots of thrills!
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7. Vivendi Universal Incredible Hulk : Ultimate Destruction

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction video game for the XBox provides kids with their share of explosive action. Playing this game is entertaining and satisfying, especially since you can destroy virtually every part of the environment you are in! The sound effects and graphics are awesome. The fights are of superb quality, and are very challenging indeed. There are lots of little extras like the hidden comic books. Get ready for some destruction with the Incredible Hulk on your XBox!
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8. Spongebob Square Pants Movie Game

This kiddie video game for the XBox is sure to be enjoyed by the younger kids in your family. Rated E, this video game is based on the movie by the same name. In the game, the players have to solve different types of puzzles and try and figure out things. Movie clips from the actual movie intersperse the game. This is a pretty cute and funny game for younger kids.
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9. The Incredibles 2: Rise of the Underminer

The Incredibles 2: Rise of the Underminer video game for the XBox is an action packed game featuring Mr Incredible and Frozone. The story picks up from the end of the movie, where the new villian Underminer threatens to wreak destruction upon the residents of Metroville.
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10. Activision Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four movie game features the Fantastic Four - Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch, and The Thing. Fantastic Four comic book fans will enjoy battling their way through the various levels as the Fantastic Four work as a team and use their combined powers to battle against the villainous forces.
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