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Best Dolls

Here are the most popular dolls of this year!


Dolls have always been a little girl's best friend! Most girls love to play with dolls and usually have a special doll who they dub their "best friend"! Every year, new dolls are released, some good and some not so good. This year, let's take a look at the best and most popular dolls that are out in the market. Here's a look at the best dolls of 2007.

1. Karito Kids Dolls

Karito Kids Dolls
The Karito Kids dolls are special in more ways than one. This beautifully diverse line of dolls includes dolls encompassing 5 nationalities, but with a common purpose - to help needy kids worldwide. Each time you buy a Karito Kids doll and activate your purchase online, a percentage gets donated to a project of your choice (you can choose from ongoing projects through PLAN, a charitable organization). The dolls itself are superb and they include Wan Ling, a panda lover from China, Lulu, a soccer star and co-host on a children's TV show in Kenya, Zoe, a bohemian songwriter from New York, Gia, a fashionista from Italy and Pita, a medal-winning equestrian from Mexico. Each doll also comes with a special storybook, and is available for $99.99.
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2. Only Hearts Club Dolls

Only Hearts Club Dolls
Only Hearts Club Dolls
The Only Hearts Club dolls stand out because of their wonderful quality, detailing and finishing. The Only Hearts Club dolls are a combination of fabric and vinyl, and it's pretty awesome how wonderful they look and feel. The bodies of the dolls are soft and cloth covered, and the faces are very nicely sculpted with lovely glass eyes. The end result is that you have a very real looking doll which is a treat to play with. The Only Hearts Club dolls are available at speciality stores, and also at Target.

3. Barbie as Princess Rosella

Barbie as Princess Rosella Doll
The Barbie as Princess Rosella Doll is the latest and most stunning addition to the Barbie dolls line from Mattel. The Princess Rosella doll comes with a unique twist involving Barbie's dress. The beautiful blue gown comes with a train of feathers. What's more, these feathers spread out and look just like a peacock's feathers. The Barbie as Princess Rosella dolls is one of the must haves for your little girl (ages 4+) for the upcoming holiday season.

4. Corolle Dolls Baby Lia

Corolle Lia Doll
Like all Corolle dolls, the Lia baby doll fascinates and charms. Lia is unique because of her multi-lingual abilities - she can speak simple phrases in Spanish, English, French and Italian. I fell in love with Baby Lia, starting from the way she smells - a very pleasant fragrance, not at all like the "plasticky" smell that comes from most other baby dolls. The Corolle Lia comes with lots of accessories like a bib, plate, bottle, spoon, potty, and 3 bracelets. Lia is interactive, she can speak, burp and sit on the potty complete with sounds. On the flip side, Lia is pretty expensive, retailing for approximately $90 - $100. For those of you who value quality and durability high above other attributes, Corolle Lia is just the doll for you.
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5. Disney's High School Musical Dolls

High School Musical Dolls
Disney's hit show High School Musical & High School Musical II are the rage with kids of several age groups ranging from 4 – 15. Gabriella, Troy and Sharpay can now come home and play with your kids, thanks to the new line of High School Musical dolls from Disney. Watch out for this line, it may very well be the runaway doll hit of the holiday season!

6. Hannah Montana Singing Dolls and Pop Star Stage

Hannah Montana Pop Stage
Play Along Toys
Hannah Montana has been a hot line of products for young kids since quite a while now. The new Hannah Montana doll will make your child feel like she is attending one of Hannah Montana's live concerts. The Hannah Montanna doll plays a song when the microphone is lifted to her mouth. The beautifully constructed Pop Stage has some special lighting and sound effects which really make this toy stand out. You can even hook up the stage to your MP3 player or iPod to hear some more hits. The Hannah Montana stage is priced at $59.99 and the Hannah Montana doll is priced at $19.99.
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7. Bratz Fashion Stylistz Dolls

Bratz Fashion Stylist Dolls
MGA Entertainment
The Bratz Fashion Stylistz Doll line continues to fascinate little girls and Bratz fans everywhere. The Bratz Fashion Stylistz line of dolls includes three dolls, each playing her role as a makeup stylist. The three stylists include a nail, hair, and make-up stylist. They come complete with real make-up including lip gloss and body shimmer powder, real nail polish, cuticle sticks, hand lotion, nail files, real hair color streaker and glitter.

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