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Top Electronic Toys of 2007

Best Electronic Toys of the Year


The Top Electronic Toys of 2007 was the most difficult list to compile. Almost every toy manufacturer has upped the ante on their use of technology. Most of the hot toys have some element of electronics/technology. We created this list of Top Electronic Toys using the following criteria: innovative use of technology, wow factor, and coolness factor. Some of these toys may be a bit on the high end but they represent the most technologically advanced toys that you can spend your money on.

1. Disney Flix Video Camera

Disney Flix Video Camera
Disney's Flix Video Cam just had to be a part of the Top 10 Toys of 2007 list. This inexpensive video camera from Disney is not just a video camera. It comes bundled with Disney's Magic Director software too, which can be used to create all kinds of special effects. Simply plug the camera directly into your computer and use this software to edit away to glory! The included story boards and audio cues are all that are needed to pave your way towards becoming a professional movie director. The High School Musical and Hannah Montana storyboards are included. The camera has a storage capacity of 128MB and an included SD card slot can increase the length of a video that is captured with the camera. It is priced at $99.

2. I Can Play Guitar System

I Can Play Guitar
Imagine having an instructor to teach you to play the guitar. How about an instructor that costs very little. Sounds good? How about an instructor that you can learn from on your own time? Sounds even better, right? Here's a virtual instructor that teaches your children how to play the guitar - Mattel's I Can Play Guitar System. It comes with a guitar (of course) that you plug into a TV. Easy to follow instructions guide you through a three step learning process including the basics of guitaring like rhythm, strumming and more. The guitar is a good deal at $99. So, if your child wants to learn the guitar, this is a good way to begin this process. This toy is for ages 6+ and also comes in purple.
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3. Barbie Girls

Barbie Girls
We've heard of virtual pets. Now it's the turn of virtual dolls! Barbie is all set to become the next internet revolution with the new Barbie Girls. And Barbie has joined the rank of toys with virtual identities with the launch of the website BarbieGirls.com. What are Barbie Girls, exactly? Well, it's hard to classify the Barbie Girls in one word. Basically, Barbie Girls are MP3 players. They can be dressed up and customized via the different accessories available. That's just the beginning, though. If you connect your Barbie Girl to your computer via the USB port, you can upload and download MP3's as well as access the online BarbieGirls.com website where you can create your own virtual personality. Yeah, Barbie Girls is hot stuff!

4. Eye-Clops

Eye Clops
Jakks Pacific
Jakks Pacific's Eye-Clops, the handheld bionic eye that plugs into your TV, makes it to our Top 10 Toys list of 2007 due to it's extremely innovative nature. Not only is it designed to keep kids of all ages (including fully grown kids) occupied and excited for hours, it also serves to educate your children. Eye-Clops works by providing close up images of minute objects. It's amazing to see something magnified by a factor of 200 on your TV screen! It even includes an observation dish and tube to view liquids, salt, bugs or anything that catches your fancy. Three built-in lights help to illuminate the objects under observation. The approximate price of this product is $40.

5. Smart Cycle

Smart Cycle
The top 10 toys of 2007 list would be incomplete without Fisher-Price's SmartCycle . The Smart Cycle is a stationary bike meant for preschoolers which plugs directly into your TV's A/V jack. The little ones pedal their way through various adventures on the TV screen. The included software, Learning Adventure, has three options: Driving, Learning Arcade Games and The Big Race. In the "Driving" mode, your child can pedal away to glory while picking up interesting tidbits of information along the way. The learning arcade games are educational and your kids can use the joystick to learn about letters, numbers, shapes etc. The "Big Race" option is the most exciting of them all - a fast paced race on the TV screen.

6. VTech Whiz Kid Learning System

The VTech Whiz Kid Learning System is one of the best learning toys of the year for kids between the ages of 3 and 7. There are as many as 120 activities and games included which are sure to keep kids happily engrossed. The touch screen interacts with the stylus for hours of fun and play. The system works with the included activity sheets and an activity cartridge to match. Simply insert a sheet and the system automatically knows the activity associated with that sheet. Lost the sheet? No problem, the included CD enables you to print out another copy of that sheet for future use. Additional cartridges are available. This is simply the most compact and technologically advanced learning system for toddlers that I've encountered in a while.
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7. Clickstart My First Computer

LeapFrog's Clickstart My First Computer is the latest in TV learning systems designed for kids aged between 3-6. It has a fair sized keyboard with large colorful keys and a mouse attached. Although the mouse has limited functionality, it will definitely be a source of fascination for kids who watch their parents using similar devices in the real world. The activities are adequately designed with not too many frills. There are additional cartridges available when your youngster tires of the included ones. If you're a computer buff and you'd like your kids to get an early start, go for this product. It's a good way to introduce your kids to electronic learning systems.
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8. Hasbro's IDog Amp'd

I Dog Ampd
Hasbro's IDog made our top electronic toys list a couple of years back. The IDog Amp'd is far, far cooler than it's predecessor. The stereo sound that it emits from its surprisingly powerful speaker is very impressive. I've seen a lot of speakers that are compatible with Mp3 players but nothing quite as impressive as the IDog Amp'd. The IDog Amp'd boasts of other interactive features depending on the type of music you "feed" it. On rubbing it's head, the IDog gives a satisfied growl. The LEDs on it's head light up. It taps it's foot, flaps it's ears and wiggles it's tail. Anyone could fall in love with the IDog Amp'd! It is a perfect holiday present for your loved ones.
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9. Rubik's Revolution

Rubik's Revolution
Techno Source
As far as toys go - the Rubik's Revolution is catchy, fun and engaging. On the flip side, the Rubik's Revolution is almost nothing like the original Rubik's cube. But who cares, right? The Rubik's Revolution has certainly earned it's spot on this list of the Best Electronic Toys of 2007. There are 6 games that you can play on the Rubik's Revolution. They are Light Speed, Rapid Recharge, Pattern Panic, Cube Catcher, Code Cracker, and Multiplayer Madness. Put simply, the basic principle of the Rubik's Revolution seems to be how fast you can click the buttons, and in what order. It's pretty challenging, as well as stimulating. Try it out.

10. Havoc R/C Heli Laser Battle Set

One of the most innovative products of the year, Spinmaster's Havoc R/C Heli Laser Battle Set is sure to bring out the little kid in you. Don't be surprised if you find yourself enjoying this fascinating laser R/C game more than your kids! The Havoc R/C Heli Laser Battle Set includes two R/C helicopters. The most unique thing in this remote control toy is that these helicopters have lasers which are used to hunt down the each other. A laser hit from one helicopter sends the other helicopter into a tailspin. Three hits will bring a helicopter down. Realistic battle sounds make a world of difference. This R/C toy is meant for ages 8 and up.
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