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Top Toys for Girls

Here are the best toys for girls


Girls have it really good this holiday season! The color pink is in vogue, with Hasbro's Rose Petal collection being a prime example! Innovation, technology, and basic old-fashioned creativity is in style this year. The success of shows such as High School Musical and Hannah Montana have lead to several musical themed toys. The Top 10 Toys of 2007 list for girls has an exciting combination of dolls, pretend play toys, futuristic toys, musical toys and even toys for the active girl.

1. American Idol Talent Challenge DVD Game

American Idol Challenge DVD Game
The American Idol Talent Challenge is really making waves this holiday season. This very innovative product from Tech2Go brings out the American Idol in your kids. The American Idol Talent Challenge DVD Game is based on actual performances of star performers and features real comments from the show judges. The game includes a cool sound mixer and microphone that hooks up easily to your DVD player. You can sing along with your favorite American Idol performers, you can choose to sing with/without lyrics or just choose to watch them practice their singing. The most unique feature of the game is the mixer which provides a professional echo effect.

2. Hannah Montana Singing Doll And Pop Star Stage

Hannah Montana Pop Stage
Play Along Toys
Hannah Montana has been a hot line of products for young kids since quite a while now. The new Hannah Montana doll will make your child feel like she is attending one of Hannah Montana's live concerts. The Hannah Montanna doll plays a song when the microphone is lifted to her mouth. The beautifully constructed Pop Stage has some special lighting and sound effects which really make this toy stand out. You can even hook up the stage to your MP3 player or iPod to hear some more hits. The Hannah Montana stage is priced at $59.99 and the Hannah Montana doll is priced at $19.99.

3. Barbie As Princess Rosella Doll

Barbie as Princess Rosella Doll
The Barbie as Princess Rosella Doll is the latest and most stunning addition to the Barbie dolls line from Mattel. The Princess Rosella doll comes with a unique twist involving Barbie's dress. The beautiful blue gown comes with a train of feathers. What's more, these feathers spread out and look just like a peacock's feathers. The Barbie as Princess Rosella dolls is one of the must haves for your little girl (ages 4+) for the upcoming holiday season.
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4. Hasbro's Rose Petal Collection

Rose Petal Cottage
Does your little girl enjoy playing house? If she does, here's a lovely product line from Hasbro called the Rose Petal Collection. As the name suggests, the Rose Petal Cottage and accessory collection has the key ingredients little girls love - flowers, the color pink and pretend play. Hasbro's Rose Petal Collection promises to be one of the best preschool toys of the season. There are lots of pretend play options in the collection including appliance sets, a lounge chair, a nursery, a Makin' Muffins baking set and of course, the piece de resistance, the Rose Petal Cottage. The accessories are sold individually or as part of the collection.

5. Hannah Montana Rockin' Electric Guitar

Hannah Montana Rockin' Electric Guitar
Jakks Pacific
This year seems to have its fair share of musical instruments including a wide variety of guitars that can be used as toys. However, the Hannah Montana Guitar stands out for being able to play the hit Hannah Montana songs, including "Best of Both Worlds" and "Who Said." The included headset and microphone gives your child the ability to sing their favorite Hannah Montana songs along with the guitar. The Hannah Montana Guitar is meant for kids aged 3+. Affordably priced at $19.99, this guitar will make an excellent gift for a Hannah Montana fan!

6. Littlest Pet Shop Display & Play Round N Round Pet Town

Littlest Pet Shop Round n Round Pet Town
The Littlest Pet Shop Display & Play Round N Round Pet Town is designed to double up as a pet shop as well as a pet town. The pet town has a café, a salon and a canal. The highlight of the canal is the gondola ride. This playset is meant for ages 4+. It shouldn't be made accessible to kids less than 4 due to the small size of the two pets that come included with this set. The specialty of the Littlest Pet Shop line of toys is that you can purchase additional sets and attach them to this particular set as they are stackable. The Littlest Pet Shop Display and Play Round 'n Round Pet Town set retails for $29.99, a pretty reasonable price considering the fact that it has been designed as an expandable set.

7. Disney's High School Musical 1 & 2 Dolls

High School Musical Dolls
Disney's hit show High School Musical & High School Musical II are the rage with kids of several age groups ranging from 4 - 15. Gabriella, Troy and Sharpay can now come home and play with your kids, thanks to the new line of High School Musical dolls from Disney. There are two series of High School Musical Dolls, each based on the movies High School Musical I and High School Musical II. From High School Musical 2 the dolls include Ryan, Chad, and Taylor, as well as different Gabriella, Troy and Sharpay dolls. The first series of High School Musical Dolls sing songs from the first movie while the second set of dolls are based on themes from the Lava Springs Country Club. The High School Musical Dolls are reasonably priced.

8. Pixel Chix Roomies Interactive Game

Pixel Chix Roomies House
Mattel's Pixel Chix Roomies House takes the Pixel Chix line of interactive toys to the next level. The Pixel Chix Roomies house comes with Pixel and Sporty, the two very popular Pixel Chix. One of the innovative features of the Pixel Chix Roomies House is that when you plug in the Pixel Chix to the base of the house, you can watch as they move in and travel around the house. When your child uses the flip screen and control, he/she can see how the sequence of events plays out in all the six rooms. An element of excitement is provided in the "race to the penthouse suite" feature. The price for the Pixel Chix Roomies House is rather high at approximately $49.99 on the internet, but if you like the Pixel Chix, it's no big deal.

9. TMX Friends Ernie & Cookie

TMX Cookie Monster
You get a 2-in-1 deal when you purchase this set of plush dolls by Fisher Price. Ernie and Cookie are ready to rock your world as soon as you take them out of their boxes. Eleven inches in height, each doll has its own special characteristics. Ernie laughs and spins in a complete 360 degree turn and gets back onto his feet in a snap. Cookie is, as usual, ready to give you his earth-shattering guffaw and shake from side to side. Just tickle their bellies to watch the fun. The retail price is approximately $29.99, but you may have trouble finding one in stock, especially nearer the holidays.
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10. Corolle Dolls: Lia

Corolle Lia
Like all Corolle dolls, the Lia baby doll fascinates and charms. Lia is unique because of her multi-lingual abilities - she can speak simple phrases in Spanish, English, French and Italian. I fell in love with Baby Lia, starting from the way she smells - a very pleasant fragrance, not at all like the "plasticky" smell that comes from most other baby dolls. The Corolle Lia comes with lots of accessories like a bib, plate, bottle, spoon, potty, and 3 bracelets. Lia is interactive, she can speak, burp and sit on the potty complete with sounds. On the flip side, Lia is pretty expensive, retailing for approximately $90 - $100. For those of you who value quality and durability high above other attributes, Corolle Lia is just the doll for you.
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