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Chicken Little Toys from Hasbro and the Disney Store

Chicken Little Cars, Action Figures, Plush Toys and More!


Singing Chicken Little Toys from Hasbro

Singing Chicken Little Toys from Hasbro

This holiday season, the sky is really falling in Walt Disney Pictures’ computer animated movie “Chicken Little.”

Based on the classic kid's story Chicken Little, the movie presents Chicken Little, a young chicken who mistakes a falling acorn for a piece of the sky! The fun-filled feature brings the adventures of Chicken Little and his friends to the screen.

I'm sure your kids must have loved Chicken Little. Right in tune with the movie, the Disney Store has released lots of Chicken Little toys and merchandise. The Chicken Little products are very diverse and include Chicken Little Figurines, Chicken Little Plush Toys, Chicken Little Action Figures, Chicken Little Dinnerware, Chicken Little apparel and even Chicken Little fashion accessories like the Chicken Little Wrist Watch. There are some really delightful Chicken Little toys to be found in the Disney Stores. These wonderful Chicken Little Toys are exclusively available at the Disney Stores nationwide. There are 300+ Disney Stores all over the US. Take a look at the top Chicken Little toys which your little ones will love to play with.

Chicken Little Cluckmobile Remote Control Car
This adorable little remote controlled car is a breeze to play with! Your little ones will really enjoy making the car dart around, and so will you. Read the full review of the Chicken Little Cluckmobile. Please note that the Cluckmobile is only available in the physical Disney stores, and not online.

Chicken Little Baseball Bat, Gloves, Soft Ball Set
Perfect for the budding baseball players in your family - this Chicken Little Baseball set includes a soft ball, a baseball bat and one Chicken Little glove. The set is of excellent quality, and makes a great gift too!

Chicken Little Action Figures
The Chicken Little action figure line includes adorable figures of Chicken Little, Abby Mallard, Fish Out of Water or Aliens. The figures are articulated and can move some parts of their bodies.

Chicken Little Sing-Along Cassette Player
This kid-friendly cassette player allows your little pop star to sing along to their favorite cassettes.

Chicken Little Rolling Luggage
Lovely luggage with embossed velour siding with images of Chicken Little and Abby Mallard.

Chicken Little Snow Globe
The Chicken Little Snowglobe features a spaceship with Fish Out of Water hovering over his friends.

Chicken Little Dinnerware Set
This little dinnerware set includes a plate, cup and bowl. Make your little ones really look forward to dinnertime with Chicken Little!

Chicken Little Wrist Watch
This ultra cute watch featuring four interchangeable faceplates is sure to be a hit with your kids.

Hasbro has also released lots of Disney's Chicken Little toys. The lead item in Hasbro’s product line for Chicken Little Movie Toys is the SINGING CHICKEN LITTLE, a plush version of the lead character that kids will love to sing along with as he plays air guitar to “We are the Champions.”

Hasbro's Chicken Little product line includes:

Disney’s Chicken Little Alien Rescue Figure Pack

Disney’s Chicken Little Mini Plush: Disney’s Baby Alien Doll

Disney’s Chicken Little Mini Plush: Disney’s Chicken Little Doll

Disney’s Chicken Little Mini Plush: Disney’s Fish out of Water Doll

Disney’s Chicken Little Mini Plush: Disney’s Runt of the Litter Doll

Disney’s Chicken Little The Big Game Figure Pack

Disney’s Chicken Little: Baby Alien Doll

Disney’s Chicken Little: Disney’s Chicken Little Doll

Disney’s Chicken Little: Singing Disney’s Chicken Little Doll

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