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Dinosaur Train Toy Train Set

Motorized Train Set for Kids

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Dinosaur Train Motorized Train Set by TOMY
The PBS show, Dinosaur Train, has been a popular favorite amongst toddler and preschool aged children. Buddy, a Tyrannosaurs Rex, and his sibling Pteranodons, Tiny, Shiny and Don, along with their parents ride a train to various dinosaur habitats, learning about science and different species along the way. Tomy has several different Dinosaur Train toys and motorized train sets.


- 8 feet of train tracks that easily connect

- Motorized, 3 car train

- 2 train cars that attach to the motorized train engine

- Engine starts with a simple push of the smokestack

- Plastic station that attaches to the tracks

- 3 Dinosaur train figures: Mr. Conductor, Buddy, Laura Giganotosaurus

- Standing, flat, cardboard scenes that can be positioned on over the tracks

- 2 "AAA" batteries required but not included

- Recommended for kids ages 3 and up

- Compatible will all other TOMY Dinosaur Train accessory sets

My Review

The PBS Kids show Dinosaur Train has been a popular show for my preschool aged son over the past year. Little boys often tend to love train sets and dinosaurs, and this isn't any different for my son, so this show is a perfect combination of the two which keeps him entertained. Buddy, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and his sibling Pteranodons, Shiny, Tiny & Don, hop aboard the Dinosaur Train to travel to different time periods and learn about other dinosaur species.

We have generally had mostly wooden train sets for my son to play with over the last year and making the leap to a motorized train set was initially a little bit of a challenge for him. The plastic tracks in this set were easy to snap together. After using the instructions, it wasn't too difficult to quickly create the track together in several minutes. The track it self fits nicely on our train table. Given that wooden trains move forward and backward, the motorized train only moves forward, so stopping it in the exact location to greet the station took some time for him to figure out at first.

The set comes with 3 great Dinosaur Train characters, but it did not come with his favorite character, so we quickly ran to the store to purchase more accessories. The train cars easily push together and pull apart with almost a socket type joint. Though the motor on the train is loud once it is moving along the track, my son doesn't seem to mind. The train set arrives with 2 pieces of cardboard that can be attached together to stand upright to serve as added features across the tracks. We used this briefly before it started to fall over, so we ended up throwing it away and recreating the same type of structure using larger plastic interconnecting blocks.

One thing I'm becoming accustomed to with young toddlers is that when they can't figure something out the way they would like to, the toy becomes a projectile. My son has had some frustration with, at times, trying to get the cars to fit together, or when the train might veer off the track and it needs to be repositioned. Given the fact he has thrown them, it has been really durable.

There is a lot of versatility with this set. Given my son's love for Dinosaur Train and the characters, it has been worthwhile for his entertainment because he's passionate about the show and the characters. However, we have had a lot of fun supplementing other toys to enhance the play value. Given that it is compatible with other TOMY train sets, even Brewster, a character from the Chuggington train show has even been pulled along by our train. We have also included other dinosaur figurines and created LEGO Duplo houses for the characters, so it has really sparked some creativity and imagination to include other toys in our imaginative play.

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