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Star Wars Fighter Pods

New Game With Collectible Star Wars Mini-Figures for Kids Ages 4 and Up

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Star Wars Fighter Pods

Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Star Wars Fighter Pods from Hasbro are one of the newest Star Wars games available for collectors and kids ages 4 and up. Characters are positioned on the table and small plastic pods are used to knock over as many figures during each turn. Aside from the small characters the pods can be dropped with fingertips or released from specially designed launchers.


Game play includes using the special pods that easily twist open with 2 hands. Players set up their figures on the table. The goal of the game is to knock over as many figures as possible using the pods. Strategy entails as players decide, will their pod be empty, will they place a figure inside for added weight, will they spin the pod like a top on their turn or will they release the pods via one of the various specially designed Star Wars themed launchers?

Star Wars Fighter Pods can be purchased either in small packs of 4,8,12, or larger multi-packs that may include 16 figures, 2 vehicles, and 6 pods. There are currently over 120 collectible Star Wars mini-figures. There are exclusive figures, as well as secret hidden figures in some of the packaging. Figures were developed from all 6 Star Wars movies, as well as The Clone Wars animated series. There are clear pods, as well as colored pods. The characters are small, but detailed. They stand up easily when placed on the table.

With a variety of different price points, these figures will surely be collected by Star Wars fans, but for children who are looking for a different type of experience using strategy with their favorite characters it brings an additional element of game play and competition. The rules of the game are simple and I'm sure children will enjoy creatively designing additional rules.

Even if children prefer not to engage in game play, it will bring a whole new element of imagination that allows children to act out important scenes from their favorite movie anywhere with these small, portable characters.

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Storage Ideas

As with other small toys, they should be kept out of the reach of small children under the age of 3. I'm hopeful Hasbro may develop some type of storage container for these items, if not, I'd recommend purchasing one. Neat-Oh (compare prices) has some unique Star Wars themed containers that are great for storage.

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