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New Merida Dolls from Disney "Brave" Movie

Disney Brave Dolls


The newest member to the Disney Princess crew is Merida, the heroine from the new animated movie from Disney-Pixar, Brave. This beautiful character with flowing red hair is an accomplished archer who must fight fear with bravery in the Scottish Highlands. Companies such as Mattel, Tollytots, LeapFrog and Disney have crafted different types of Merida dolls and Disney Brave movie accessories that will appeal to children of all ages. This list includes role play dresses, various Merida dolls, books and gaming cartridges for Nintendo and LeapPad gaming devices.

1. Merida Doll with Angus - Tollytots

Disney Pixar Merida Doll & Angus

This Merida doll is able to sit atop her trusty horse, Angus. Merida is dressed in a long, shimmering gown and her arms and legs are posable. Recommended for girls ages 4 and up.

2. Toddler Merida Doll - Disney

disney pixar brave merida toddler doll

This particular 16 inch baby doll is a re-take of Merida as a toddler and highlights her wavy red hair and fiery charm.

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3. Merida Forest Adventure Doll - Tollytots

Merida Forest Adventure Doll from Tollytots

This is a 15 inch doll wearing a tiara, boots and low waisted dress that was designed from the Scottish era the movie occurs in. The doll arrives with Merida's signature bow. Though the bow is not functional, she is able to hold her bow at the ready while wearing a quiver of 3 arrows around her shoulder.

4. Merida's Adventure Dress - Jakks Pacific / CDI

Merida's Adventure Dress by Jakks Pacific
©Jakks Pacific / CDI

Little girls who love to play dress up and role play as their favorite Princess character will want to add this beautiful dress to their collection. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, this dress is made of velour, satin, and includes a glittery pattern with gold tulle.

5. Merida Scottish Princess Dress - Jakks Pacific / CDI

Merida Scottish Princess Dress - Disney Brave
©Jakks Pacific / CDI

This dress is recommended for girls ages 3, and is a replica of Merida's Scottish Princess Dress. This dress is made of velour and satin. In addition it includes gold trim and glittery tulle.

6. Merida Doll by Mattel

Disney Pixar Brave Merida Doll from Mattel

This Merida fashion doll is available from Mattel. This particular doll is not able to stand on it's own, but it is recommended for kids ages 3 and up.

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7. Merida with Bear Dolls - Tollytots

Brave Merida Bear Brothers Tollytots

This playset includes a 15 inch Merida doll wearing a shimmering gown, tiara and high heels. The doll also comes with Merida's 3 triplet bears.

8. Brave TAG Reader Book- LeapFrog

LeapFrog TAG Reading System Brave

The TAG Reading System children to learn foundational skills for reading using familiar, fun characters and games. This book works in conjunction with the TAG Reader and includes over 500 educational touch points. Participants can answer questions and work on reading comprehension using a fun, familiar Disney Princess story. This book is recommended for ages 4-8 and the TAG Reader must be purchased separately.

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9. LeapPad Explorer Brave Game/App - LeapFrog

LeapPad Explorer Disney Pixar Brave

Available as either a game cartridge or a downloadable app for the LeapPad Explorer or Leapster Explorer, this game encourages children to learn about the physical sciences, plants, and animals while working on educational skills that enhance vocabulary and word-building. Recommended for ages 4-8.

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10. Brave - Nintendo Wii / Nintendo DS

Nintendo Wii Brave

These games for either Nintendo DS or Nintendo Wii will encourage children 10 and up to run, jump and battle through the Scottish landscape as Merida, Will 'o the Wisp, and other movie characters to save the kingdom. The Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming system, while the Nintendo Wii is connected to the television and encourages children to engage in physical play while holding the remote control.

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11. Explorer Ultra E-Book: Disney-Pixar Brave - LeapFrog

LeapFrog E-Book Merida Brave

Available as an app, this LeapFrog ultra e-book can be downloaded to the Leapster Explorer or the LeapPad Explorer. The e-book encourages children to learn about reading comprehension and word building skills. Recommended for kids ages 5-8. Additional LeapFrog E-books are also available and include titles such as Cars 2 and Cinderella.

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12. Bear Cub Pillow Pets

Brave Bear Cub Pillow Pet
©Pillow Pets

These popular pillows that fold up to become animals have now been licensed for the Disney Pixar Brave movie. This bear cub pillow is made of high-quality, super-soft chenille. Attach the velcro tabs to create a pet, take them apart to create a pillow.

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