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Top 9 Toys from the Disney Pixar Movie Cars


The Disney Pixar movie Cars is an adventurous and comical roller coaster of a movie. Disney and Mattel have come out with a wide range of toys and playsets based on the movie Cars. The line of toys includes, but naturally, a wide range of scaled down toy vehicles. In addition, there are lots of exciting playsets on the cards like the Mountain Challenge Playset and the Radiator Springs Town Playset Assortment. Here is a look at some of the toys from Mattel based on the Disney Pixar movie Cars.

1. CARS™ Character Car Assortment

Character Car Assortment
The assortment of cars from the Disney Pixar movie Cars feature 14 models based on the characters from the movie. Cars like Lightning McQueen™, Sally™, Mater™ the Tow Truck and Doc Hudson™ are immortalized in this line of toy vehicles amongst others.
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2. CARS™ Mack Truck Playset

Mack Truck Playset
The Mack Truck playset is an ultra cool hang out spot, or rather truck bed pad. Kids will enjoy chilling out with Lightning McQueen after the day's racing is done. The Mack Truck playset opens up to reveal a host of interesting features.
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3. CARS™ Radiator Springs Town Playset Assortment

Radiator Springs Town Playset Assortment
The town of Radiator Springs is immortalized in the CARS™ Radiator Springs Town Playset Assortment. Detailed models like Luigi's Casa Della Tires™, Lizzie's Curio Shop™, and Ramone's Custom House of Body Art™ each have their own play features, and include stunt and launching action.

4. CARS™ Flo's V8 Café Playset

Flo's V8 Café Playset
From Mattel, "On a corner in Radiator Springs, in the heart of town, sits Flo's V8 Café. A favorite hangout for the characters from the world of the upcoming Disney/Pixar film, CARS. Flo's V8 Café opens to reveal lots of fun features including lights and cool decos. The playset includes a flip-open café, flashing sparkplugs on the roof of the drive through, turntable launcher and pedaled gas pumps. It attaches to the CARS Radiator Springs Playset."
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5. CARS™ Dirt Track Racing Track Set

CARS™ Dirt Track Racing Track Set
Racing always does well with the boys. This Dirt Race Track set features a high speed, high thrill racetrack which can be controlled via individual speed controls. The racetrack is modeled after the actual dirt track racing scene from the movie Cars.
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6. CARS™ Mountain Challenge Playset

CARS™ Mountain Challenge Playset
This wildly exciting playset is based on a shaking mountain. Kids have to make sure that their cars are on track and are not thrown off the shaking mountain. Spinning wagon wheels, sharp curves and constant motion make the Mountain Challenge playset a real challenge. The Mountain Challenge playset comes with one "Willy's Butte" deco Lightning McQueen™ die-cast car. Requires two "D" batteries, not included.
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7. CARS™ Piston Cup 500 Track Set

CARS™ Piston Cup 500 Track Set
From Mattel, "The ultimate championship race comes downs to Lightning McQueen™, the King and Chick Murphy tearing up the track as they race hood-to-hood to claim the Piston Cup. This coliseum-style raceway track set delivers high speed racing, bringing the final scene of the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie, CARS™ to life. The dual-lane oval track has side by side racing, 12 feet of track, motorized power booster and two kid-activated lane changers to avoid the pop-up crash car."
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8. CARS™ Fast Talkin' Lightning McQueen™ Vehicle

CARS™ Fast Talkin' Lightning McQueen™ Vehicle
The Fast Talkin' Lightning McQueen vehicle is the highlight of the Disney Pixar Cars product line. The interactive car says around 30 phrases, and can be programmed to perform tricks and stunts. The cute animated eyes and mouth make this toy car simply irresistible.
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9. CARS™ Movie Moments Assortment

CARS™ Movie Moments Assortment
This is a basic assortment of cars from the Disney Pixar movie, Cars. Each car is based on a character in a specific scene in the movie. This should be a good buy for collectors.
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