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Russ Berrie's New Shining Stars Line Of Plush Toys

Discover the virtual world of ShiningStars.com


For all those of you who are into virtual worlds, here's something just for kids. It's mystical, fascinating and glamorous - of course, it has to be all those things because it has to do with stars - yes, real stars that shine in our universe. Curious? Well, I'm talking about a virtual kid's website called ShiningStars.com. It's still very new, but is taking shape pretty nicely.

Russ Berrie US Gift Inc., the famous teddy bear and plush maker, has teamed up with the International Star Registry to come up with this whole idea. For starters, you need to purchase a Shining Stars friend which sports the star icon and embroidered Shining Stars logo on its paw pad, which retails for approximately $15. The plush animals include 24 collectible characters including Honey Bear, Beagle, Penquin and Dragon, amongst others. You get a exclusive code that you use to register with the Shining Stars website.

Once you're inside the website, you can choose and name your very own star with the International Star Registry. You get a certificate with your star's co-ordinates (somewhere in the galaxy!) and an image of your star. Also, along with posession of your star, you also get to play in the virtual world of ShiningStar.com.

In this virtual world, your Star friend takes on a whole new dimension. You can actually personalize your star's personality choosing from funny, artistic, sporty, brainy, friendly or sassy, to make it just like you! There's also something called Glow Points, which allow you to access hidden areas of the website - and guess how you gain Glow Points?? By buying more Shining Star friends of course!! Oh well, it's not a bad deal for 15 bucks - you get your very own star, and can send e-cards, play customized games designed for different age groups and find a galaxy of fun activities on the ShiningStars.com website.

Pretty neat, huh? I must say, it's an innovative idea - I rather like the idea of having a star named after me, and I think most kids will like that too! Check it out at http://www.shiningstars.com.

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