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Marvel Super Hero Mashers

Doctor Spidey-Man, Iron Manverine, or Captain Thor Eye?

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Hulk Super Hero Mashers


Iron Man Super Hero Masher


Captain America Super Hero Masher


Building on the popularity of super heroes from kid's television, cartoons, and movies, Spider-man, Thor, Captain America, Iron Patriot, Iron Man, Wolverine, Doctor Doom, Hawk Eye and the Hulk are common household names for young boys. With all of the clothing and lunchbox accessories available, my son even knows all the characters and some of their special powers from his friends at preschool, and he’s never even seen one of the movies.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers, are action figures that can be purchased individually. What makes these Super Hero Mashers unique is that their heads, arms, legs, and special accessories can be taken off and swapped for other characters, so children can design, create and name their own individualized super hero. 

Given the ball and socket type joints where the pieces are inserted, this allows for articulating parts that can be twisted and rotated when the superhero is put together. While the joints allow the figures to be posed, I find that the heads can take me sometimes 2-3 attempts to attach correctly.

Every child that I have shown these toys to between the ages of 4-10, has been excited and enthusiastic to start swapping pieces immediately. These Super Hero Masher toys definitely earn an A+ for popularity and interest. However, while older children have not had any difficulty inserting and removing the pieces, I’ve noticed most 4 and 5 year olds can add and remove the arms and legs but hand the action figure back for help when attaching the head and some of the accessories. 

While the action figures are fun on their own, I would definitely invest in 2 or 3 different super heroes in order to provide a lot more swapping options. However, if the characters aren't put back together, there are a lot of pieces to contain.  While I’ve had success storing the pieces in a plastic ziploc bag, definitely consider a storage option like a bin or bucket for all the small pieces.

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