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Air Hogs Vectron Wave Battle Review

Air Hogs Vectron Wave

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Air Hogs Vectron Wave Battle Review
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Boys, ages 8 and up, will enjoy the Air Hogs Vectron Wave Battle. This indoor game, with 2 different play modes, can be played alone or with friends. After the Vectron® Wave is charged, once turned on and placed on a flat surface, after calibration, it will hover up and down in place. Players use the Laser Blaster to aim at the target, and after successful hits the lights will change colors. When the propeller turns off and the toy drops to the floor, you win! The small red catching stick attached to the top of the Vectron® Wave, allows it to be tossed to friends and caught with your fingertips.


Air Hogs Vectron Wave Battle Features:

• Air Hogs Vectron Wave, a round, lightweight object capable of hovering.
• Laser Blaster/Charger, combination laser shooter that uses its batteries to charge the Vectron® Wave with an attached cable.
• Has color changing lights once the target is successfully hit.
• Recommended for ages 8 and up.
• Laser Blaster/Charger requires 6 “AA” Batteries.
• Costs about $35.

What's Cool

When I took this toy out of the packaging, my husband’s eyes opened real wide with excitement. What is it with boys, targets, technology, and anything that flies, nevermind hovers?
• This toy combines laser technology, propellers and indoor target practice.
• It is versatile enough for a child to use by themselves or with their friends.
• The directions appeal to all types of users, as there are diagrams, pictures and written directions.
• It uses 6 “AA” batteries that are not included, but no electrical outlets are required for charging, and the cord is contained inside the Blaster unit.
• Once the toy is turned on, it has a 2-3 second delay before the propeller spins, allowing the child to move their fingers away from the propeller before the unit takes off.
• Using the catching stick, with the flick of the wrist at a 10-30 degree angle, the Vectron Wave will move from side to side and you can toss it to a friend or back to yourself.
• I quickly realized that by tapping down on the catching stick with my hand I could control the movement of the Vectron Wave easier.
• If there are two players using the Laser Blaster mode, it would be a great idea for one person to turn the toy on, while the other operates the Laser Blaster, which can teach children how to work together.

Things to Consider

• This toy is so exciting, that I felt that it would be easy to want to turn it on right away to get flying and bypass the instructions.
• I think it is important to read the instructions thoroughly a few times, and make sure you test this toy out with your child first until you feel they are safe to operate it on their own with your supervision.
• The propeller on the Vectron Wave spins so incredibly fast once it is turned on that it could really be painful if a finger comes in contact with it while it is moving.
• I would not suggest playing this with young children nearby in case they might want to reach out and touch the propeller of the Vectron Wave while it is in action.
• The directions state that fans, sunlight and bright light might impact the performance.
• The propeller is quite loud once activated, some children may have difficulty tolerating the sound.
• A few times the Vectron Wave fell onto the floor on its side while the propeller remained running. I felt it was the safest to use the Laser Blaster to shoot at the Vectron Wave until the propeller turned off before picking it up to reduce the likelihood of any injuries.
• The Vectron Wave is capable of 5 minutes of hovering time, so keep in mind that the kids will only experience about 10-15 minutes of playtime fun before the battery will need to be fully charged again for about 30 minutes.
• This is unique product that will not only entertain your children, but might also be a fun toy for both children and their parents to enjoy playing together.

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