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Bizu Style Studio

A Great Kids Jewelry Set

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Bizu Style Studio
Young girls really enjoy accessorizing, wearing and making their own jewelry. Bizu is a unique set where kids can use their creativity to make their own jewelry. However, this jewelry can then twist into pet animals such as a dog, cat or bunny! This toy for kids ages 6 and up, can be purchased in smaller packs or in a larger playset like the Style Studio, which includes a toy storage container for all of the beads. Bracelets can be made and taken apart, which allows the pieces to be re-used. There are so many different kids jewelry sets to chose from, but this one allows kids to make their bracelets on their own without requiring a lot of adult attention. This is a great way for kids to make gifts for their friends, as well as a great activity that will entertain kids at birthday parties and holiday events.


- (1)Style Studio

- (4) heads

- (10) charms

- (6) body beads

- (16) legs/arms beads (8 pairs

- (4) tails

- (4) elastic toggle clasps

- (1) beading tool

- (2) clips

- (4) character template cards

- (1) instruction guide

The Process

Bizu Bracelet©Spinmaster

Each bracelet requires 1 head, 1 charm, 1 torso, 4 legs, 1 tail and 1 clasp. The Bizu Style Studio and most of the smaller accessory packs as well, contain enough beads to make 4 different bracelets. When setting up the Bizu Style Studio, all of the pieces are stored individually in the trays in the tall container. The top row holds the heads, 2nd row down holds the charms, 3rd row down holds the body beads, and the bottom row holds the legs.

There are 4 different style template cards included in the kit. The child will identify which bracelet they would like to make, then choose the beads for the bracelet by matching the beads in the style studio with the picture card. When they find the correct bead, they rotate the tray so the bead will align with the green row on the storage unit. Once they identify all the pieces, they twist the style dial at the top and the beads will dispense down the ramp.

To make the bracelet, a clear clasp is attached to the end of the long pink attach tool by pushing the top of the tool into the small hole on the clasp. The beads are then pushed down onto the attach tool using the template as the guide, in order from the bottom-up. Once all the beads are on the tool, the child pushes the beads further down the attach tool while releasing the clasp at the top. The child can now decide of they want to wear this as a bracelet or twist it into a character.

By moving the head towards the body and twisting the legs three times in a clockwise fashion, and moving the tail to the twisting the legs again in a clockwise fashion, the jewelry turns into a character.

My Review

Bizu is a great kids jewelry set for young girls who are both learning to accessorize but that are still at an age where they enjoy the fun of pretend play, collectibles and doing arts and crafts projects.

Initially the set will require a little bit of help by parents to make sure their child can arrange the beads in the proper location in the style studio. A parent may want to also help their child make their first bracelet. However, after that, the process is simple, and kids should be able to follow the directions from the template to make their own bracelets and when they are finished, clean-up all by themselves.

This set will require your child to be pretty adept at using both of their hands together when working with small manipulatives. The clasp on the bracelet does require a bit of strength to squeeze together. The twisting took me a few tries to figure out, but once I did, it is a lot easier the second time around. After putting 4 beads on the attach tool, I realized that I had forgotten to put on the small tail. I found the pieces to be pretty easy to remove, and the string is sturdy, but flexible.

I gave this toy a five star rating for a few specific features. The Style Studio has a price point of about $20.00 which makes this a fantastic birthday or holiday gift that provides a lot of fun and play value, while being very affordable and cost-effective. Smaller Bizu sets can be also be purchased which are typically under $10. As with most parents the fear of losing pieces or finding smaller pieces can be a reason alone to chose to not purchase a toy, but the storage container solves this problem, making it easy for young kids to clean-up the pieces when they are finished. This also makes a great gift for families with multiple children around the same age level.

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