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Boon Whale, Frog & Bug Provide Great Bath Toy Storage

One of the Best Kids Bath Toys!

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Boon Whale Pod
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Not only do we buy our children toys to play with during the day, somehow we also seem to accumulate several different kids bath toys to keep them occupied in the tub. The Boon Whale Pod, Bug Pod and Frog Pod are cute yet functional bath toy storage containers.


- Pod attaches to the bathtub wall on a mounted base (adhesive strips and hardware)

- There is a removable scoop that has drain holes

- Children can help parents in the clean-up process by scooping up their bath toys

- Toys drip dry in the scoop while it is attached to the pod

- Recommended for kids of all ages

- Shampoos and soaps can be stored on the top shelf of the Pod

- Available as a frog, bug or whale

- Whale comes in blue, gray or white

- Bug comes in magenta/gray or red/black

- Reduces mold and mildew

- BpA-free

- Pthalate-free

- PVC-free

My Review

My first Boon Pod was the frog, but the whale and the bug are also available for purchase. 2 and 1/2 years ago we received one for our baby shower, and it was a gift that was given to us that was not on my registry. I thought it was adorable, but giving my unborn baby baths in the tub just seemed like a world away at that point. Once we transitioned my son over to taking baths in the tub when he could safely sit with supervision around 5-6 months, we literally began using our Frog Pod every single day. It was easily mounted to the wall by first using an alcohol wipe on the tub wall, then affixing a suction cup strip. The handle on the scoop can then be held, and by lifting up, the scoop is removed from the mounted base. Shampoos and baby washes are nicely stored on the top shelf of the pod. We limited the bath toys in our tub to what could easily fit in the pod nightly. Toys dried quickly and easily. Only after almost a year did any mold or mildew become visible on the inside of the scoop, without any diligent washing on my part.

What became the best routine for my son was actually picking up his own toys using the scoop. He often just placed them into the container rather than using it as a scoop, but it served as a great transitional activity for him to know that the end of his bath time was near. While he put the toys away, I'd lift the drain on the tub and before he knew it the toys were in the scoop and bath time was over.

We also received a package of the Boon bath toy appliques (compare prices) . These foam animals and shapes are very durable and my son loved chewing and teething on them as an infant. Even when he had several teeth and was mouthing lots of toys, he never bit threw any of them. Aside from that, they easily affix to the side of a wet tub and can be stacked on top of each other to make cool designs.

This is definitely an item that is perfect to add to baby registries for new and expectant parents or to buy as an impromptu baby shower gift even if it isn't specifically listed on a registry. I definitely had no idea the magnitude of function that this product provided to keeping our bath toys stored and organized, quickly. It was literally an item we have used almost every day for several years, making it a very worthwhile toy storage container.

Here is additional information on how to clean toys that may also be helpful in keeping your bath toys clean.

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