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Corolle Baby Doll Review

A Classic Baby Doll

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corolle baby doll
Corolle has been creating baby dolls for young kids since 1979. Dolls in the Les Classique line are recommended for kids ages 2 and 3 because they have soft bodies, a sweet smell of vanilla, and clothing with velcro closures. Once you find the perfect match for your child, don't forget to also preview some great baby doll accessories for even more pretend play fun.

Corolle History

Corolle, a baby doll company that started in France, has been providing children with lifelong companions since 1979. These dolls have unique features, as they have been been created with the mission to provide a doll that is right for the child's stage of development. Infants are recommended to have a doll from the Babicorolle line, which is a small, soft doll that is machine washable. Toddlers at 18 months will enjoy the Mon Premier baby dolls that are also soft and light with clothing with velcro closures. The Les Classiques line is made for kids ages 2 and 3. These dolls come in all different sizes and have a variety of unique features like hair or the ability to talk or go potty. Miss Corolle dolls are for girls ages 3 and 4. These dolls have expressive facial features and trendier clothing. In the production process, Corolle dolls boast securely inserted eyes, carefully rooted hair that can withstand multiple brushings, soft supple vinyl that is vanilla scented, sturdy seam stitching and quality fabrics.

Les Classique Features

corolle baby doll©Corolle

- Can be purchased in a variety of sizes (14 inches, 17 inches, 20 inches)

- Soft body

- Handwashable

- 360 degree rotating head

- Realistic eyes with eyelids that close when lying down

- The doll has a sweet, smell of vanilla

- Beans in the baby's bottom, all baby to sit up by itself

- Outfit with velcro closure

- Available in both boy and girl genders

- Clothing and accessories that vary with each individual doll in this collection but might include pacifier, hat, bottle, toy, bibs, etc.

- 20 inch dolls are size of real newborn and able to wear 3 month baby clothes

- Dolls are styled in France

How To Care For Your Baby Doll

The baby dolls in the Les Classiques collection are suggested to be washed with a facecloth using a sponge bath with a chlorine free - bleach free towelette. These baby dolls should not ever be placed in a dryer or on a radiator to dry. Air drying naturally is recommended. Ink will not come off the doll. Interactive dolls with battery compartments should be kept away from water.

My Review

I remember my baby dolls when I was a child, and none of them were as real and lifelike as the Corolle baby doll. Not only does this baby look like a real baby, it is the perfect size for a young toddler to carry so they can also learn all about nurturing and pretend play. The dolls soft body allows the legs to easily be moved, when fitting in and out of different doll accessories such as a high chair and stroller. The baby's eyes are very sparkly and look realistic. The clothes have a velcro closure and could be difficult for young toddlers to get on and off without help but I really like how this baby doll comes in both genders. To me it's important for little girls to be able to enjoy playing with a baby doll as their might be a younger baby brother, cousin or family friend entering the family. However, I also really like having an option for my son to play with, so that he can have his own baby doll that is suited more for his gender.

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