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Fun, Collectible Toys

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Floppets are small collectible toys that can be attached with a velcro loop strap to backpacks, flip flops, fingers, toes, and clothes for young children to exhibit their own sense of style, while also decorating, personalizing and accessorizing their belongings.

What are Floppets?

There are dozens of kinds of these small wearable trinkets called Floppets. These toys can be attached to a velcro strap. The velcro strap can be attached to clothing items, shoes, backpacks, earbuds, shoelaces, pencils, headbands, and luggage straps. They can also be worn as jewelry as either a finger ring or a toe ring. Multiple velcro straps can be linked or attached together to connect them to make a bracelet or necklace.

There are different categories or tribes of Floppets that include Petlets, Rockits, Boticons, Fair-Wees, Eco-Ninjas, Dragkins, and Woodlets. Each Floppet in its specific category has it's own name, habitat and treasure. If children wish to partake in more imaginative, creative play each Floppet came from the island of Floptopia. At the Floppets website, children can research their favorite friend and learn all about their special powers, friends, enemies, and really learn about this magical land in much more detail.

My favorite tribe are the Petlets. Included in this series are brightly colored animals that include a bat, crab, cow, fish, frog, giraffe, hamster, hippopotamus, iguana, cat, lion, monkey, octopus, owl, panda, tropical bird, penguin, pig, dog, skunk, snake, spider, turtle and elephant.

My Thoughts

Children love collectible toys and trendy, new toys. I see it at the school I work at all the time, either in their pockets or backpacks, both boys and girls, always seem to have some sort of small trinket toy. Not only do they trade them, and collect them, it often seems as if they seem to develop a sense of competition around these types of toys, while they debate who has more, whose are better and how many more they are going to buy once they get their allowance or birthday money. Girls are beginning to exhibit their own sense of style and personalization at even younger ages, and Floppets are a great avenue for that as children can change the presentation of their clothing, backpack, pencil, headbands and ponytails. They can also be used as stand-alone pretend play characters.

Floppets themselves can be removed from the velcro strap or tether. They attach to the velcro strap with a small button or "mushroom." I found it to be a little difficult to remove the Floppet myself from the mushroom and needed to be persistent. The velcro itself is easy to wrap around an item, as well as pull it apart to remove it. We did have one attached to my son's zipper, and he must have pulled on it so hard that the actual Floppet came apart from it's small mushroom attachment. There are also two sides to the velcro, a soft side and rough side. The soft side is very comfortable when wearing the Floppet as either a finger ring or toe ring.

As a parent myself I have recently become accustomed to impulse buys, and at $1.99, these are quite an inexpensive toy, that could potentially have dozens of uses with regard to play value. Visit the Floppets website for additional information.

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