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Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set

A New Innovative Car Driving Experience for Boys

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Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set
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Many little boys love cars. They especially love to drive small Hot Wheels cars across the floor or along the top of the furniture. These new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks by Mattel bring a whole new dynamic to playing with die cast cars. These innovative tracks adhere safely to the wall with 3M Command strips and brackets, bringing a whole new interactive experience for kids ages 4 and up, as their Hot Wheels cars fly through twists, turns, jumps and stunts.

Description of Contents

- Template to help hang the tracks on the wall

- 6 Yellow Brackets Marked A-F

- 7 3M Command Strips

- 1 Die-cast Hot Wheels Car

- Tracks

- 3 other Accessory Sets (Daredevil Curve, Downhill Flip Drop, Drift Rally Spinout) are available to purchase separately

- Painters Tape may be helpful when hanging the tracks, but must be purchased separately


Assembly for the Starter Set track took about 10 minutes. We located an open wall space that was 3 feet by 3 feet as the manufacturer suggested. The paper wall template indicated where it should be aligned flush with the floor. We then utilized painters tape to adhere the template to the wall. The 3M Command strips are attached to the back of the yellow brackets. The yellow brackets, which are labelled accordingly (A-F), also attach to the the provided template. It is suggested to hold down on the bracket for at least 30 seconds to secure the adhesive to the wall. Once the template is removed, the brackets will remain and the tracks can then be assembled. Some tracks are pre-assembled, but in general it was fairly easy to set up in a short time frame. The manufacturer does not recommend hanging these over beds. Visit the Hot Wheels website for step-by-step video instruction on how to assemble the tracks.

My Personal Opinion

We installed these tracks prior to my son's birthday party at our home and not only did the kids think these were pretty neat, so didn't the adults! There is definitely a reason though that the tracks are designed for kids in the preschool age range, toddlers don't have the control and precision to be able to activate these tracks without often removing them from the brackets, so keep this in mind if you have multiple children. There are a variety of levers that can be pushed and switched on the starter set tracks prior to the car starting down the ramp, so each experience racing a car down the ramp can be different. Not every Hot Wheels car is compatible with the track set.

When we decided to take the set off the wall and move it to another location, we had some difficulty removing one of the brackets by not pulling the 3M Command strip straight down far enough so it broke off. When prying the bracket off the wall, a layer of the wall got removed in the process. However, we decided to install the tracks over a wall that we have in our home that was painted with white board paint. So considering this is not a conventional installation, it may not be typical. In order to re-assemble the tracks in a different location, additional 3M Command strips are required to be purchased, so make sure you scout out your location and I would suggest not making a habit of moving it frequently.

In general I think these tracks make for a very different way for kids to play with their Hot Wheels cars, because it brings the play experience off the ground and up onto the wall. The design alone is great for families that might be tight on floor space or storage. Kids will enjoy playing with their Hot Wheels cars in this unique experience.

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hotwheelswalltrack, Member pamelarowan

Bought it for my grandson and it won't stay on the wall. now I have a disappointed child

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